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Deathless Solar Body

Deathless Solar Body
The body of light that is spun out of the light of the devotees' I AM Presence and woven around the soul by invoking God's holy energies through the practice of the Science of the Spoken Word.®


An edict, fiat or command. One of the most powerful applications to the Godhead. It is the “Command ye me” of Isaiah 45:11. It is the authoritative Word of God spoken in man and woman by the name of the I AM Presence and the Christ Self. It is the alchemist’s tool and technique for personal and planetary transmutation and self-transcendence.


A message from an ascended master, an archangel or another advanced spiritual being delivered through the agency of the Holy Spirit by a messenger of the Great White Brotherhood.

Divine Plan

One’s personal mission. The plan of God for the soul’s individualization of the God Flame.

Divine Spark

Threefold Flame
The threefold flame of power, wisdom and love anchored at the etheric level within the secret chamber of the heart; the soul’s point of contact with her Supreme Source.