Understanding Your Spiritual Anatomy

The ascended masters teach that we have four lower bodies. These are:

  1. Etheric or memory body
  2. Mental body
  3. Emotional body
  4. Physical body

We also have three higher bodies or spiritual bodies. These are:

  1. Higher Self or Christ Self
  2. Causal Body
  3. I AM Presence

Our mastery and spiritual attainment is stored in these three higher bodies. It is who we are on inner levels. This is the aspect of ourselves that we desire to connect with so we can manifest in the physical plane this mastery that we already have at inner levels of our being.

As depicted in this beautiful Chart of the Divine Self you see three figures: the upper, middle and lower figure.

Chart of Your Divine Self

The upper figure is the I AM Presence. It is the highest manifestation of our Divine Self.

Surrounding the white light of the I AM Presence are interconnecting color spheres known as the causal body.

I AM Presence

This is our cosmic bank account. In the seven spheres of our causal body is stored all of the light we have garnered over the centuries as we have re-embodied—all the light that we have qualified correctly with harmony, peace and love. We can call forth this light and use it for our mastery and personal healing.

The middle figure represents our Higher Self, which acts as mediator between our Divine Self and our soul. Other terms for this self are the Holy Christ Self, the Krishna consciousness, or the higher mental body.

Chart of Your Divine Self - Holy Christ Self

The lower figure represents our soul as it is evolving in time and space, standing in the healing light of the violet transmuting flame.

Chart of Your Divine Self - Lower Figure

This complete image of our spiritual anatomy is how the angels see us when they look upon us from the higher octaves of light where they reside.

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