1.1 What is the Emerald Matrix?

As you read in the Course Overview, the first goal of the full extension course is to discover your personal Emerald Matrix and use it in your life to achieve wholeness.

Emerald Matrix

What is the Emerald Matrix?

Mrs. Prophet teaches that, "The Emerald Matrix is the inner formula unique to your own God Presence…. It is the formula for the externalization of that which is the real image of God in you.… It is the sign of the descent of the inner light into outer manifestation."

You have a personal Emerald Matrix, your own unique healing formula that you can call upon. This matrix is held in your Higher Self and it contains the precise healing steps you need to take to achieve wholeness in body, mind, and soul.

Your Higher Self is truly your divine physician within and knows precisely what healing modality will help you at any given time. For example, your Higher Self knows what diet you may need to be on to achieve emotional balance, and even what vitamins and minerals you may need to take.

In order to achieve the goal of discovering your personal Emerald Matrix, you will need to ask your Higher Self, the healing masters and angels to bring to your outer awareness that specific healing formula you need to follow in order to balance your karma and be healed.

To this end, you will want to give the following call daily to achieve maximum results. (You may wish to print it out and put it by your bedside.)

To receive the full benefit of this call, practice the science of the spoken Word and give the following paragraph aloud with full voice:

A Call to Precipitate Your Personal Emerald Matrix

In the name of my Mighty I AM Presence and Holy Christ Self I call to the healing angels on the emerald ray, to Archangel Raphael and Mother Mary, to the Ascended Master Hilarion and the Elohim Cyclopea to help me tap into my own personal Emerald Matrix formula for the healing of my body, mind and soul. Assist me to let go of any limiting thoughts and feelings that I may hold consciously, subconsciously, or unconsciously about myself or others that block the healing process. I call forth the healing light from the green band of my Causal Body and the Causal Bodies of these Masters to help me realign my soul with the inner blueprint of perfection.

The masters teach that vision is a mark of the Emerald Matrix. And that Love, compassion and humility are a part of the sacred formula of this matrix. Because your healing formula already exists within you, you can easily precipitate it if you are determined and focused.

Purify our Four Lower Bodies to be a Chalice for Emerald Matrix

An important aspect of preparing to receive your healing formula is the purification of your four lower bodies so they can be a chalice to receive this greater light.

In order for the Emerald Matrix to descend and become congruent with your four lower bodies you should be striving to eat right diet, exercise, and be giving mantras to balance and purify your bodies.

Greatest Gift for Healing is the Violet FlameViolet Flame

One of the greatest gifts you have for healing is the violet flame. It is a high frequency healing energy and when you give violet flame mantras you feel this energy flowing through you to relieve you of toxins that clog your chakras and keep them from spinning at a higher frequency.

The violet flame is a key to transmute your karma, relieve you of your burdens, and consume negative thoughts and feelings.You will have the opportunity to experience this miracle violet light throughout this course.

Following is a song to the violet flame. It is a simple melody that you will recognize. When you say, "I AM" you are saying the name of God. So, when you say I AM the violet flame, you are saying "God in me is the violet flame."

You can visualize the violet flame while you are singing this song:

Audio Song: "I AM the Violet Flame" [2:54 minutes]

"I AM the Violet Flame" song

I AM the Violet Flame
In action in me now
I AM the Violet Flame
To Light alone I bow
I AM the Violet Flame
In mighty Cosmic Power
I AM the Light of God
Shining every hour
I AM the Violet Flame
Blazing like a sun
I AM God’s sacred power
Freeing every one

I AM the Violet Flame
Blazing like a sun
I AM God’s sacred power
Freeing every one. (3xs)

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