1.5 Cosmic Law Lecture 1, Part 2

Mark L. Prophet

In this part, Mark speaks about the miracle of faith and how faith is a gift of God. He gives a teaching on the scripture: "Without faith it is impossible to please God."

At a certain point in the lecture you will hear Mark take questions from the students. The first question is about the power of visualization. He gives some interesting teaching on this topic. The next question is on the topic of faith and the student is asking the method by which we can increase our faith.


Mark will also give teaching on the inner meaning of the word sorcery. He spells the word sorcery, "sourcery." He explains, that it is source and ry. Take the ry and put it at the beginning and you have resource which means bringing man back to a sense of resource, returning to the center of his being or going back to God for his faith. See the illustration at left.

After listening to Mark's lecture, how you would answer this question:

What are some practical ways we can increase our faith?

Audio Lecture: "Cosmic Law 1" Part 2 [14:30 minutes]

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