1.1 Introduction to Unit 1

During this unit, you will have the opportunity to draw close to the ascended master Saint Germain as you place your attention on him and his teachings. As you do this, the master, in turn, places his attention upon you and draws closer to you.


Saint Germain

Godfré Ray King, who received these personal initiations from beloved Saint Germain, is now the ascended master Godfre. He has had a special connection to Saint Germain throughout many embodiments. As you study this course, you will also have the opportunity to give your devotion to Godfre and feel the return current of his love. This unit begins with an an invocation and song 522, “Our Gracious Godfre.”

Godfre is called the God Obedience because he was obedient in every step of the way to the master Saint Germain, and thus he won his victory.

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Audio Invocation and Song: Instructor Gives Invocation, followed by Song 522, "Our Gracious Godfre" [2:53 minutes]

Song, "Our Gracious Godfre"

Blessings to thee, gracious Godfre
Gentle Obedience, so dear
Showing us Freedom's great vict'ry
Helping us make our way clear.
Golden-robed brother of heaven
Through us let all thy light shine
Help us, each one, to fulfill his God plan
Wonderful heart-friend divine.

Godfre Ray King, Freedom called thee
"God-free" by pure I AM Pow'r
Every lifestream is a "ray" too
Beamed from the Father each hour.
Light is the king of creation
Raying its beams from God's heart
Healing, illumining, prospering all
Proving the mas'try thou art.

By thy great service to mankind
Saint Germain's wide open door
There has been drawn to this planet
Love from those gone on before.
Those now ascended in glory
Flood forth their light to all men
Now may the fullness of all in God's heart
Bless thee again and again.

Great Central Sun and our Helios
Vesta and masters above
Your dispensations of mercy
Pray we for this God of Love
Let all the earth know his service
Tell them of Freedom's desire
Make our dear planet at last Freedom's Star
Victor by violet fire!

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