1.12 How to Make a Call to the Angels and Masters on Personal and Planetary Situations

Following are steps you can take when you wish to compose a call to the angels and masters on a personal situation. You can also follow these same steps if you want to ask the masters to intercede in a world situation.

  1. Decide exactly what situation you would like to direct the light of God into. This can be either a personal or planetary situation.

  2. The more specific you make your worded statement, the more specific your answer will be. Your call can be short and simple, or you can add more details such as: specific names and addresses.

  3. You always begin your call by addressing your Mighty I AM Presence and Higher Self or Holy Christ Self.

  4. For example you can say:
    In the name of my Mighty I AM Presence and Holy Christ Self I call to beloved Saint Germain and the violet flame angels to send your light and Presence into the following situation:

    (__________you then state here, specifically, the personal situation(s) in your life that you would like to direct the healing light of God into resolution.)

    Ask the ascended masters and angels to take command of the entire situation and bring forth the divine solution to every human problem that is currently burdening you or your loved ones.
  5. You always adjust your call to the Will of God. You say: "In the name of God’s Holy Will let it be done." Then you know that you have put the entire matter in God’s hands and he will take the light that you invoke in your mantras and decrees and direct it into the situation in his own time. Be aware of how the angels lovingly answer your calls. They are eager to assist you and are always waiting for you to give them an assignment!

  6. The ascended masters have said that you are also responsible for directing the light of your decrees into the issues that you see in the cities you live in. When you direct God’s light through your prayers and invocations, you can see yourself as the hands and feet and mouthpiece of the Lord, the masters and the angels and then watch for situations that need your calls.
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