1.10 Key Concepts

  1. The healing thoughtform was scientifically created by Archangel Raphael for spiritual and physical healing.

  2. The healing thoughtform is designed to restore the inner blueprint and divine wholeness when we visualize it superimposed upon and penetrating every atom, cell and electron of the four lower bodies of a specific organ.

  3. Archangel Raphael is the archangel of the fifth ray—the green ray of truth, vision and the science of healing.

  4. Raphael and Mother Mary maintain their etheric healing retreat over Fatima, Portugal.

  5. The third-eye chakra is the green-ray chakra and is used for visualization and holding the immaculate concept.

  6. Illness does not just begin in the physical body.

  7. Healing starts in the etheric body and cycles to the mental body, then to the emotional body and into the physical body.

  8. One of the great prerequisites for healing is for an individual to faithfully make the call for healing which compels the answer from the octaves of light.

  9. When matter and substance becomes distorted through disease and wrong use of energy, that wrong pattern will endure so long as there is energy to sustain it.

  10. Another name for the Holy Christ Self or Mediator is the Higher Mental Body.

  11. The immaculate concept is holding a pure concept or image of the soul held in the mind of God.

  12. Practicing the science of the immaculate concept is the essential ingredient to every alchemical experiment.

  13. The exercise of inner sight through the third-eye is a process of purification.

  14. The healing thoughtform is composed of concentric spheres of God’s healing light—a sphere of white surrounded by a sphere of blue suspended within a globe of green.

  15. The white sphere is the white-fire core and it purifies and restores the balance of Alpha and Omega.

  16. The blue sphere magnetizes and restores the inner blueprint.

  17. The green sphere brings the continuous flow of healing and restores life.

  18. The violet flame is an integral part of the healing process. It is the agency of the Holy Spirit and the gift of Saint Germain for this age.
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