1.10 How to Make a Treasure Map to Attract Your Perfect Partner

A treasure map is a visual representation of something that you would like to bring into your life.  It can be focused on anything—a dream job, a house, a business, or a fulfilling relationship!

Treasure maps are usually made on green paper or poster board, since green is the color of precipitation.  Then, you collect pictures of what you desire and paste those onto the board.  You and also add statements or affirmations, which you can write directly onto the board, cut out of newspapers or magazines, or type on separate pieces of paper and glue onto the board.

For a treasure map to be effective, it is good to look at it twice a day—when getting up in the morning (to set the sail of your attention for the day) and just before going to sleep (to anchor the desired outcome firmly in your subconscious mind, which is the instrument to bring to you those good and perfect gifts that are spiritually lawful for you to attract to yourself.)

Following are guidelines for creating your personal relationship treasure map:

  1. Purchase a large piece of green poster board. Or, since this course is about the spiritual dimensions of love and relationships, you may want to select the color pink!  Instead of poster board you could use a notebook if you think it would work better for you.

  2. Make a list of qualities and virtues that you would like to see in a soul mate or your twin flame. Be conscious that you are physically writing this list to draw to you the relationship experience that you desire.

  3. Give a precise description of what you are looking for in a partner. What will this person look like physically? What will he or she be like emotionally, mentally and spiritually?  Make a written portrait or look for pictures that express what you are searching for.

  4. Be specific as you place your pictures and statements on your map. Don't forget to set a date by which you want your dreams realized. The angels will help you bring your desires to pass; they just need to be given specific and detailed instructions of the picture you are holding in your mind.

  5. Do not try to decide how your desires are going to come into manifestation. This is the role of your Higher Self and your mighty I AM Presence. Consciously turn your request over to God, the masters, and the angels.

  6. Finally, imagine that this relationship is happening right now and that this special person has entered your life! Give gratitude for being given a relationship that satisfies your soul, fulfills your needs and brings you joy.

For more information on creating a treasure map, you may wish to purchase a book entitled Secrets of Prosperity by Annice Booth.

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