1.2 How to Recognize Your Twin Flame or Soul Mate

How to recognize a twin flame or soul mate is one thing you will learn as you journey through this course.

Finding your perfect match is an ongoing process of doing spiritual work on yourself combined with learning some essential keys. Following are helpful guidelines that the ascended masters have given regarding twin flame relationships:

  1. Awareness of the twin flame is not the same as falling in love. It has nothing to do with falling in love in the outer sense of the word.

  2. Finding our twin flame is a spiritual experience. It is not an outer thing but a deeply profound inner experience. It is an inner knowing—not an outer knowing. Inner knowing is the knowledge of the soul. You can't rely on your outer senses.

  3. Twin flames do not necessarily look alike, although they may look alike.

  4. You won't necessarily know your twin flame by appearance or astrology or even common interests.

  5. And surprisingly, you cannot even tell by the feelings of attraction. You may have great attraction and a bond or you may not. It is better to still your senses and come apart for awhile and let your inner knowing or inner intuition tell you. You may want to enter a period of meditation and fasting and communion with your Higher Self to make this determination.

  6. Bottom-line, if you haven't found your twin flame then it is not time yet. Either you haven't met this person yet or you may have karma with your twin flame that is preventing you from recognizing him or her.
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