2.5 Dictation and Lecture: Ascension, Part 2

In this part you will have the opportunity to experience a dictation by the Ascended Master Serapis Bey. A dictation is a message from an ascended master dictated through their messenger.

Elizabeth Clare Prophet is a messenger for the ascended masters. She wears a mantle given to her from the masters that gives her the ability to take dictations. She has earned this mantle of messenger over many embodiments.

What is a Mantle?

A mantle is a cloak of light, a grid or a forcefield of light worn by one who is sponsored by the Great White Brotherhood or by an ascended master. Worn at inner levels, the mantle contains within it specific fohatic keys that are anchored in the messenger’s four lower bodies. These keys are a formula or quality of light—hieroglyphs of the Spirit—cosmic computers in capsule form. They have also been described as geometric hieroglyphs or engrams that are encoded formulas of light.

ECP golden sari invocation

When the messenger receives a message from an ascended master, and in this case from Serapis Bey, she is fully conscious and is focused at the level of her Higher Self. Then, the master dictates his message through the Higher Self of the messenger.

Dictations are From the Etheric Octave

A dictation from the ascended masters is not channeling. Those who channel receive their messages from beings on the astral or emotional plane. The ascended masters dictate from a higher plane called the etheric plane. This is the plane where retreats and temples of light are located. This is the plane on which the ascended masters reside. It is a plane of purity and perfection.

Serapis’ Assignment and Dispensation

During this dictation Serapis gives you an assignment. He asked you to keep a notebook called, "My Christhood." Serapis also gives you a special dispensation or gift during this dictation. He infuses you with the devotion of the devotees who are attending his ascension class in the etheric temple at Luxor. He seals you in the fires of purity to consume darkness and he invites you to be his representative.

At the conclusion of this dictation you will hear a brief teaching from Mrs. Prophet. She will be speaking about Mark Prophet and his great determination to be an overcomer. She also references Chapter 24 of the book of Matthew, where Jesus speaks about the end of cycles and the end of the age of Pisces. You will also learn what you need to bring to the ascension process.

This is an audio dictation by Serapis Bey and was given through the messenger on August 19, 1973. Even though it was given over 30 years ago, you will find that the message is timeless.

Meditation on the "Triumphal March"

Before this dictation, you will have the opportunity to meditate on the "Triumphal March," by Verdi, from the opera Aida. This music carries the melody of the ascension flame. Discipline, which is the keynote of the Ascension Temple, is felt in the precise release of the musical tones in this music. The trumpets sound the victory of the ascending soul and when a soul ascends from this temple the seraphim trumpet their personal victory through this music.

How to Receive a Dictation

To receive the light that is release through a dictation, it is important to sit with your spine erect. Place your feet flat on the floor with your hands cupped in your lap. Or, you may choose to sit in a full or half lotus position. Place your attention on your heart chakra during the meditation music and prepare to receive the presence of the Ascended Master Serapis Bey.

Elizabeth Clare Prophet

Audio Lecture: "Ascension 1" Part 2 [38:28 minutes]

A Blessing and Opportunity to be in Physical Embodiment

It is interesting to note that you have a greater opportunity to balance your karma than those who are attending classes in etheric. Why is this so?

The masters tells that we all have made physical karma. To make physical karma you have to be in physical embodiment. And, to balance this karma you have to also be in physical embodiment.

There is only a certain karma that can be balanced in the etheric octave. The great regret of candidates in the ascension temple at Luxor is that they did not have the teaching in Serapis’ book, Dossier on the Ascension, when they were in physical embodiment. You have this advantage and opportunity if you choose to read and study this book.

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