2.1 Introduction to Unit 2

As you begin Unit 2 it is important to have an understanding of who the Ascended Master Serapis Bey is and to know a little bit about the seraphim angels who are under his command.

Serapis Bey Ascension Temple

The Ascended Master Serapis Bey is the Hierarch of the Ascension Temple located in the etheric octave over Luxor, Egypt. He is also the Chohan, or Lord, of the Fourth Ray of purity.

Some Fourth Ray qualities are purity, discipline, joy, hope and excellence. Serapis works with students to help them develop these qualities, gain mastery in the base-of-the-spine chakra and gradually and safely raise the kundalini fire (the Mother light) that is stored in the base chakra. He is a great devotee of the Divine Mother and of her light and fire within all souls.

Serapis is known as “the great disciplinarian” because of his fierce determination to save souls from self-indulgence and to move them along the most efficient path to their ascension.

As an ascended being Serapis reviews and trains candidates for the ascension. He conducts classes in the Ascension Temple on inner levels for those who qualify to be trained for their ascension. Souls who are preparing to take their ascension at the conclusion of this embodiment travel in their finer bodies at night while their bodies rest to the Ascension Temple at the retreat at Luxor to receive his instruction.

Serapis teaches the rigors of the highest path of attainment, the path of the white light of purity that is won through service, self-sacrifice and surrender to the will of God. His musical keynote is "Celeste Aïda" by Verdi and the keynote of his etheric retreat is "Liebestraum" by Liszt.

Following is a short videoclip excerpted from a lecture given by Mrs. Prophet on the Lords of the Seven Rays. She introduces you to Serapis Bey and speaks about several of his embodiments. She also speaks about his etheric retreat, the Temple of Luxor, the Deathless Solar Body, the base-of the-spine chakra and the precious gems and crystals that Serapis uses to focus purity's ray.

Seraphim Angels

The Seraphic hosts are under the command of Serapis and it is important that you know a little bit about these magnificent angels.

Justinius is the captain of the seraphic hosts. The seraphim are the order of angels dedicated to focusing the flame of purity and the consciousness of purity in the Great Central Sun and throughout cosmos in the planes of Spirit and matter. They serve the ascension flame and the ascension temple and they have a 24-hour commitment of service to purity.

Seraphim Angels

These angelic beings are mighty in height. They are flaming spirits of living fire who possess the quality of cosmic penetrability. This is the ability to penetrate substance and actually pass through our etheric, mental, emotional and physical bodies to bring healing.

Justinius is the leader of millions of seraphim who make their cyclic rounds throughout this galaxy once every 24 hours.We can call to the seraphim to tarry with us as they sweep round the earth. We can ask them to interpenetrate our forms and leave within our auras their residue of cosmic purity. This is experienced as a white-fire ash pressed upon our form and consciousness as light from the Great Central Sun.

Justinius explains the service of the seraphim in this way: "We come to make you white and clean, to make you whole. We come to minister to your soul. .." The sacred fire of the seraphim burns through the cause and core of disease and toxins in our bodies.

Justinius goes on to say: "I tell you that mankind have been spared again and again the last plague and all forms of chaos and disturbance and imbalance and insanity by the very presence of the angels."

What a blessing the Seraphim are! In the Spiritual Exercise in section 2.9 there is a call that you can give daily to the seraphim for healing.

To conclude this section, you have the opportunity to sing to Ascended Master Serapis Bey. When you sing to him you invoke his mighty electronic presence over you. You will find the words to this song below.

Audio Song: "All Hail, Mighty Serapis Bey" [4:51 minutes]

Song, "All Hail, Mighty Serapis Bey: Lord of the Fourth Ray"

  1. All hail, Lord of Ascension’s Flame
    Mighty Serapis Bey
    Chosen Son of Light
    Raise thy torch, blazing forth
    Sacred fire in each heart.
    Sounding the light of Truth
    Calling the faithful ones
    We all lift our hearts, joyful praise
    Worship raise unto our king.

    Kneel we on bended knee
    Pouring our love to thee
    Grateful for Victory’s release of light
    All hail, hail to Serapis Bey
    Hierarch of Luxor’s light
    Guardian of the flame brought of old
    From afar in God’s name.

    To thee, Lord of Ascension’s Flame
    Homage and gratitude
    Purity in love
    Victory, majesty
    Discipline in the Law
    Serapis, we invoke
    Holy fire of soul
    To attain our goal
    To ascend, to become one with Life.

    Help us to serve the Light
    Vanguards of holy Light
    Protectors of the right—the holy Light
    O praise, praise to the Mighty One
    For the ascension flame
    From the heart of God
    Cosmic grace, cosmic love
    Thee we adore.

  2. All hail, Lord of Ascension’s Flame
    Holy seraphic hosts
    Seraphim of Light
    Guardians bright of the Light
    From our hearts we adore.
    Release ascension flame
    Into the souls of men
    From the Central Sun
    Penetrate, activate all in Light.

    Sword of the living flame
    In blest Serapis’ name
    Cut all the earth now free from density
    I AM—I AM thy holy Light
    Flowing around the earth
    All-enfolding love in each heart
    Heaven’s ray glorify.

    Our praise, holy Justinius
    Head of seraphic bands
    Thou the open door
    Unify, purify
    And our birthright restore
    Liberty born of soul
    No more the lesser goal
    But the Son of God
    Consciousness of the Light where God is.

    Help us to serve the Light
    Vanguards of holy Light
    Protectors of the right—the holy Light
    O praise, praise to the Mighty One
    For the ascension flame
    From the heart of God
    Cosmic grace, cosmic love
    Thee we adore.

  3. I AM sealed in ascension’s flame
    I AM a living soul
    Born of God’s own love
    Pulsing flame in the heart
    Love, Wisdom, and Pow’r
    Is the identity
    One with the Father’s love
    Peace and harmony, energy
    Christ the Light, Infinite Mind!

    Oneness with thee to feel
    Oneness with thee to heal
    Oneness with thee to rise, eternally
    I AM one with the pure in heart
    Joining the heav’nly hosts
    Of seraphic bands, seraphim
    Angels bright, into the Light.

    I come out of the Light with thee
    Ever to do thy will
    Destined to return
    To my home, ne’er to roam
    From the Light in God’s heart.
    Sing we hosannas now
    Joyous in gratitude
    God is All-in-all
    All of life, all of love, all of me.

    I AM thy son, O Lord
    Standing before the door
    Of opportunity—to Victory.
    O praise, praise to the Mighty One
    For the ascension flame
    From the heart of God
    Cosmic grace, cosmic love
    Thee we adore.
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