1.1 Course Overview

This course was originally taught to Summit University students in Pasadena, California. It is designed to help you rediscover what your soul has known from the beginning—that life does have a higher purpose. Each encounter along the way, no matter how difficult, is a stepping stone that will lead you back to union with your Great God Source, your mighty I AM Presence.

Chart of Your Divine Self
Chart of Your Divine Self

If you could sit at the feet of a great Master and ask him, “What is the purpose of life?” he would reply, “It is to prepare yourself for the ascension.”

The world’s great religions have singled out great masters who succeeded in making this trek and have ascended back to God. Elijah was swept up into heaven in a chariot of fire. Guatama Buddha entered Parinirvana. Padma Sambhava attainted the Great Liberation, Jesus ascended to his Father and Mother Mary was assumed into heaven.

These masters are not exceptions to the rule. They are mentors and examples. They came to show us that there is a way back to reunion with God. They came to give us teaching on how we too can master the circumstances of our life and walk the path home.

The Ascended Masters

The ascended masters are enlightened spiritual beings who once lived on earth, fulfilled their divine plan and ascended, or reunited, with God. They are the saints robed in white talked about in the bible. Jesus Christ, Saint Germain and Mother Mary are ascended masters to name three. The fact is, however, that there are more ascended beings residing in the heaven-world than there are unascended mankind on earth.

Jesus Christ Saint GermainMother Mary
Jesus Christ, Saint Germain and Mother Mary

The masters define the ascension as: “a spiritual acceleration of consciousness that takes place at the natural conclusion of one’s final lifetime on earth whereby the soul reunites with God and is free from the round of karma and rebirth. It is our ultimate goal in life.”

But, this ascension process doesn’t happen automatically. It happens as you use your God-given freewill and make daily choices to take the high road—the road of Higher Consciousness, rather than taking the low road, the way of the ego and the human consciousness.

If the concept of your personal ascension is a new concept for you then we invite you to keep an open mind, listen to the teaching presented, read the course books, and allow the angels and your Higher Self to guide you.

During this course you will learn:

  • Keys to personal mastery. If you apply these keys you will experience a tremendous positive change in yourself.
  • Spiritual techniques like the science of the spoken Word. Using this ancient science will accelerate your spiritual growth.
  • How to work with the seraphim angels and the fourth ray of purity for healing from burdensome situations and conditions in your life.

The path to your ascension has requirements and the good news is you can walk this path in the midst of your daily responsibilities and successfully meet these requirements.

You Can Ascend Daily!

Every day is choice and an opportunity to rise higher in consciousness by placing your attention upon your Higher Self and your mighty I AM Presence to overcome the challenges that you face personally, as well as collectively in your nation.

The ascended masters teach that the pursuit of your personal ascension must not be based on a philosophy of escapism. They encourage you to meet the challenges of walking the path of personal Christhood and claim your victory by uniting with your Higher Self.

The ascension is for overcomers. Those who dare to love whether or not they receive love in return. Those who never tire of seeking oneness with the Master’s heart by directing the light of the violet transmuting flame into their human consciousness.

Course Goals

Goal I. To review and examine the steps of initiation that Jesus followed in his life which culminated in his ascension.

Goal II. To put on the garment of your ascension by defining your Christhood and by assessing yourself objectively to determine where you stand on the path of initiation.

Goal III. To reestablish and strengthen the thread of contact between yourself, your Holy Christ Self, and your Ascended Master Guru.

Interactive Course Format

All Summit University online courses are offered through Moodle, an online learning environment. This free unit contains key concepts, multimedia clips, spiritual exercises, journaling and discussion questions to help assimilate the material presented.

Course Facilitator

The bulk of this course consists of original material presented by Elizabeth Clare Prophet. The course is facilitated by a Summit University instructor, Susan Kulp.

Susan is available to answer course-related questions and to receive comments from participants. You may email her at Skulp@summituniversity.org.

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Technical Support

The course facilitator will not answer your technical questions. SU Tech Support is available to help you with any problems that you may encounter in your course.  If you need technical support please go to the SU Tech Support Website: http://summituniversity.org/techsupport  



If this is your first Summit University extension course, you may come across terms that are unfamiliar. For this reason, we have included a glossary of Ascended Master terms for your convenience.


Supplementary Course Books

The books listed below supplement the course topic. The main course book is the Dossier on the Ascension. We recommend that you purchase this book so you can complete the reading assignments. The other book that you may want to purchase is The Path to Your Ascension, which is a personal guide to your ascension.

Click on the links below to purchase these materials from the SU Online Bookstore

  1. Dossier On the Ascension: The Story of the Soul’s Acceleration into Higher Consciousness on the Path of Initiation by Serapis Bey recorded by Mark L. Prophet. Summit University Press.
  2. The Masters and the Spiritual Path, by Mark L. Prophet and Elizabeth Clare Prophet, Chapter 2, “The Ascension.”
  3. The Path to Your Ascension: Rediscovering Life’s Ultimate Purpose by Annice Booth. Summit University Press.
  4. The Bible (King James Version.)
  5. The Creative Power of Sound: Affirmations to Create, Heal and Transform by Elizabeth Clare Prophet. Pocket guide.
  6. Violet Flame to Heal Body, Mind and Soul by Elizabeth Clare Prophet, Pocket guide.
  7. Lords of the Seven Rays by Mark L. Prophet and Elizabeth Clare Prophet, Softbound.
  8. Reincarnation: The Missing Link in Christianity by Elizabeth Clare Prophet.
  9. Mysteries of the Holy Grail, Archangel Gabriel, by Elizabeth Clare Prophet, softbound.
  10. Messages from Heaven by Patricia Kirmond, Softbound.
  11. The Great White Brotherhood: In the Culture, History and Religion of America by Elizabeth Clare Prophet, Softbound.
  12. Fallen Angels and the Origins of Evil by Elizabeth Clare Prophet, Pocketbook.
  13. Fallen Angels Among Us: What You Need to Know by Elizabeth Clare Prophet, Pocketbook.

Click on the links below to purchase these materials from the TSL Online Bookstore.

  1. Save the World with Violet Flame! #1 (CD)
  2. Devotions, Decrees and Spirited Songs to Archangel Michael (CD)
  3. Chakra Meditations and the Science of the Spoken Word (mp3 CD)
  4. Prayers, Meditations and Dynamic Decrees (decree book)

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