1.7 Key Concepts from Lecture

  1. Without faith in God we can do no works. We can create nothing.

  2. God first had to believe. God had to believe that he was. He had to believe in himself. He had to believe in his power to create or he could not have done so. When God created, he did so geometrically.

  3. To believe is vital. If you do not have works then you do not have any faith. James said: "You show me your faith without your works and I will show you my faith by my works." (James 2:17)

  4. The works of God are self-evident. They are found in the cytology of the body, in the cell patterns, the molecular structure, and in the wondrous manner in which the physical body is put together.

  5. Agnosticism and atheism are created by mental denial. People feel because they have a great deal of academic knowledge that they can safely deny God…. They do not see the Spirit side of life which involves the aura of life.

  6. Everything has an aura, a magnetic forcefield. Auras can be seen by people who have no mystical training. You don’t even have to see it. You can sense it around the head.

  7. All through the centuries mankind have been enormously interested in life after death. Life after death has plagued the greatest thinkers of the world.

  8. There are repositories for the negative thoughts of people that go back to the foundations of the world. In other words, whenever man has ever doubted, then his doubt has gone out into the universe.

  9. In many cases, fallen angels, demons and discarnate entities can harness the negative momentums of mankind and turn negative thoughts and feelings against them.

  10. The Spirit is boundless. In other words, there are no lines to contain Spirit. "Heaven and earth cannot contain thee." And this applies also to the cosmos and cosmic man and women.

  11. We are unlimited because we are made in the divine image. When we allow our faith to become indomitable will, it creates works that we have not currently dreamed of and miracles are created.

  12. By getting more faith and putting more substance of faith into our lives, our life becomes greater. Faith becomes a power of magnification.

  13. Faith is a gift from God. You have to seek the gift from the Source and the Source is God.

  14. Visualization is a means of enhancing life in many ways. It prepares a matrix into which God can lower faith.

  15. You do not have to necessarily visualize details. Your inner Self knows whether or not you have the power to create a visualization of intricate detail. It might help if you could visualize in detail, but God already knows your desires and he can still give you the gift of what you want.

  16. The faith that people have in God has an awful lot to do with their development of the divine life because "without faith it is impossible to please God."

  17. Latent faith is not dogmatically conceived but rather is a faith that an individual has perhaps from previous lifetimes, previous associations or as a result of his experience.

  18. The purpose of our faith is to gain what God wants us to gain because that is the only way we can clean escape the problems of this world.

  19. Sorcery was an original word of mockery by the fallen angels against a person who was interested in cosmic law.

  20. You have to get your faith through the Christ consciousness. That is the source of getting your faith.

  21. The differences in people are a matter of faith. It is a matter of going back to the Source and having absolute belief in God.

  22. We should strive for absolute faith in the invulnerability of God, the plans of God, the outworkings of God and the intent of him to keep us safe and secure in the hallow of his hand.

  23. Be an example of living faith.
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