1.3 Cosmic Law Lecture 1, Part 1

El Morya

In a dictation given through the Messenger Elizabeth Clare Prophet on December 31, 1982, the Ascended Master El Morya made the following statement about Mark Prophet:

Mark Prophet is a master of communication. Unpretentious and straightforward. Profound and sensitive. He opens your heart to new worlds of inner experience where you can feel God–and see God face-to-face.

The main topic of this first unit is "Faith and Works." Mark explains that God creates geometrically and he gives the inner meaning of the word geometry. This illustration shows is the inner meaning.


Mark also speaks about the aura and our ability to sense and see auras and you will learn how there are "repositories of negative thoughts." Mark explains, for example, when you have doubts these are negative energies and they attract more of the same and can block your faith in God.

In this first part you will hear Mark refer to a book that was about to be published at the time of his lecture. This book was Climb the Highest Mountain, which Mark was writing with Elizabeth Prophet. Since that time, there have been nine more volumes of the Climb series published to complete the set.

And finally you will hear Mark teach on Jesus’ words, "A man’s enemies are they of his own household."

Although you will not participate in an online forum discussion in this free unit, you may still want to listen for the answers to the following discussion questions.

Mark L. ProphetDiscussion Question A

When Jesus said, "A man’s enemies are they of his own household," he was not just talking about our bother or our sister or our father or our mother, but he was also talking about the household of the individual, which includes negative patterns and momentums from past lives.

  1. These “enemies” that Jesus speaks about can surface from your subconscious/unconscious mind and manifest under what kind of conditions?
  2. What spiritual techniques could you use to help deal with negative patterns and momentums from past embodiments?

Audio Lecture: "Cosmic Law 1" Part 1 [17:31 minutes]

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