1.12 Practical Spiritual Exercise: Act As If It Were Impossible to Fail

The exercise below was created by author Brian Tracy. It will help you determine what personal habits, thoughts and feelings inhibit you from achieving your personal goals. Following is a quote taken from Brian Tracy's book, Thinking Big:

In order to get whatever you desire, however you define it, you must pay the price in full, and in advance. You must sow before you reap…the immutable law of cause and effect.... When you have paid the full price, the success will be there in front of you for all to see. It will happen by the law, not by chance.

Go through each step below and write down your realizations in your journal.

Transform Yourself into the Action Champion!

  1. Identify action inhibitors in yourself, such as:
    • Fear
    • Laziness
    • Lack of belief
    • Negative attitude
    • Destructive habits
    • Under-developed skills
  2. Determine two or three major goals in your life.
    • What exactly do you want?
    • What price are you going to have to pay to get it?
    • Will you pay that price?
    • Are you prepared to pay the full price in advance?
  3. Create a burning desire to achieve these goals. What can you do practically to:
    • Think and dream creatively.
    • Affirm that achieving these goals will exceed your wildest dreams.
    • Re-program your emotions to fuel your burning desire.
    • Sacrifice, focus and discipline yourself.
  4. Create momentum through sustained action. What can you use from the Victory teachings you've heard thus far to create a momentum to reach those goals?
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