1.1 Introduction to Unit 1

In this unit you will receive keys to balancing the threefold flame in your heart and balancing your four lower bodies, as well as learn how to attain balance in your Higher Self.

The greatest examples of those having balance in their hearts are the ascended masters. All of the masters are examples of walking in the flame of victory.

To catch the vision of what it means to be victorious, you will listen to a biography of Mighty Victory. You will also learn how to get the most out of listening to a dictation by an ascended master. You will have the opportunity to experience a dictation by Mighty Victory given through the messenger Mark L. Prophet. This dictation is entitled "The Victory Way of Life," and is a tremendous release of illumination's flame.

After this dictation you have the opportunity to engage in the Science of the Spoken Word to anchor in your four lower bodies Victory's positive affirmations that he gives in his message. The unit concludes with a meditation to balance and expand your threefold flame.

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