1.6 Key Concepts from Lecture: Meeting the Master

  1. The very first step on the path is the conscious, willing control of our feelings.

  2. Godfre had a conscious attunement with the Brotherhood of Mount Shasta and with the master. He had a determined will to contact the brotherhood. He was exercising his free will in accepting or rejecting the cup of elixir from Saint Germain.

  3. Jesus points out to the women at the well that it is part of the initiation for the disciple to ask for living water from the master.

  4. The spirit of expectancy must be maintained if one expects to meet the master.

  5. Teaching on harmony of feelings:

    • "The harmony of feelings is the electrode of the Mother. When you have harmony of the feelings then you attract the supply of the Holy Spirit." You are able to precipitate.

    • "The continuous shock of discord make the particles in the four lower bodies separate."

  6. Saint Germain’s basic meditation is to intensify the light in our four lower bodies and to assist us to gain control of our thoughts and feelings.

  7. Pain and suffering increases Christ Consciousness.

  8. Saint Germain illustrates how we are given repeated opportunities throughout embodiments to balance our karma.

  9. Whatever energy we send forth returns to us. We have power in our own hands for the reversing of energy. The raising of our hands can bring harmony, order and discipline to a situation relieving oppressive energy.

  10. When there is a crisis and a danger we need to be programmed to act. Our whole being is an instrument to meet a personal crisis or a chalice in the time of need for the Masters.

  11. Read Unveiled Mysteries with the intent of drawing and extracting and making practical the teaching that Saint Germain is giving to Godfre.
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