1.2 Unveiled Mysteries Lecture, Part 1

The following audio begins with a short introduction by Mrs. Prophet. She refers specifically to the three books from the I AM Movement: Unveiled Mysteries, and The Magic Presence, by Godfré Ray King, and the I AM Discourses, by Saint Germain.

Elizabeth Clare Prophet

Mrs. Prophet recommends that you read all three of these books when you have time. As you read them, it is important to extract the points of the master’s consciousness that are key to your path as you strive to embody the consciousness of your Higher Self.

She also recommends these three books for young people so they can have the awareness of the retreats of the masters, and the understanding of the concepts of reincarnation and karma and of the control of energy that are contained in these books.

The whole first chapter of Unveiled Mysteries, "Meeting the Master," focuses on the harmony of feelings and the understanding of how important it is for you to master your thoughts and feelings so you do not express irritation and inharmony. Saint Germain tells us that this mastery is a big key to our victory on the path.

After this part of the lecture, think about how you would answer the following question:

Mrs. Prophet said, "If you haven't met the master on Mount Shasta, it's not because of the master." What are some of the reasons why you may not have met the master? How would you feel if Saint Germain knocked on your door one day? How would you respond?

Audio Lecture: "Unveiled Mysteries" Part 1 [26:41 minutes]

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