What Is Personal Transformative Learning?

Transformative learning is a process that fosters self-reflection and leads us to re-evaluate past beliefs and become aware of our assumptions and expectations. As we engage in this process, it will lead us to an expansion of consciousness and an expanded receptivity to the creative energies of our Higher Self.

Throughout this unit you will have the opportunity to self-reflect by journaling and to practice a spiritual technique called the Science of the Spoken Word that will assist you in your personal transformative process.

The section entitled Practical Spiritual Exercises contains affirmations and decrees that will enhance your spiritual experience and assist you to hold greater light in your body temple.

Violet Flame

The light of the violet ray, the ray of transmutation, will assist you to not only overcome adverse situations and burdens in your personal life, but will also act as a catalyst for you to help hold the balance for other souls of light who have yet to find a spiritual path.

As you give mantras and decrees and direct the light of Saint Germain into challenging situations in your local communities and throughout the planetary body, you will be engaging in world service and sending spiritual light into situations of terrorism, drug problems with our youth, pornography, problems in education—and other topics you choose.

One way to make good karma is by calling to Saint Germain's angels and ask them to perform service on behalf of your loved ones and on behalf of all mankind. Many unemployed angels are just sitting on the hillsides waiting for you to give them an assignment and call them into action on the world scene.

As you apply these various spiritual techniques, you will see quickly how they will transform both your learning experience and your daily life.

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