Take a peek at all of the topics in the Unveiled Mysteries extension course

Unit 1: Meeting the Master

  1. The importance of mastering your thoughts and feelings and maintaining harmony
  2. Saint Germain’s meditation on gaining control of your thoughts and feelings
  3. Harmony as an electrode to attract supply
  4. How pain and suffering increase Christ Consciousness
  5. A formula for traveling to the etheric retreats of the Brotherhood
  6. A call to bless your water
  7. Saint Germain’s Heart Meditation

    Unit 2: The Sahara Desert

    1. How to project your consciousness
    2. How radiation from a master affects you
    3. Dispensation of a cup of elixir from Saint Germain
    4. Meditation on your Higher Self
    5. A vision of the golden age
    6. Three conditions that Saint Germain deems essential to attain adeptship
    7. Six steps to not be overcome by your emotions
    8. Radiation from a master or your I AM Presence increases the velocity of the atomic frequency of your brain, your senses, your nerves, your eyes and your chakras.

      Unit 3: The Royal Teton

      1. Keys to precipitating the Holy Spirit, your Christ consciousness, and your mission in life
      2. How to contact the masters’ consciousness and make use of the clues Saint Germain is giving to the true initiates
      3. Sixteen steps to develop conscious control and direct your visualization to bring forth a definite plan
      4. Teaching on wearing jewels for the protection and the release of light from our chakras
      5. A meditation on the Royal Teton Retreat

        Unit 4: Mysteries of the Yellowstone

        1. Exercise to realize the present reality of the masters
        2. Keys to God-dominion
        3. Teaching on Ascended Master Eriel's light and sound ray to help you pass your tests on the path
        4. How to expand your consciousness to become an instrument of light
        5. Teaching on thoughts and feelings being living, pulsating things
        6. Visualization for the crystallization of the God Flame
        7. Djwul Kul's Secret Chamber of the Heart Meditation

          Unit 5: Inca Memories

          1. The importance of uniting with specific lifestreams in order to accelerate your divine blueprint
          2. Interesting teaching on the process of surrender
          3. Special invocations for the anchoring of Saint Germain’s consciousness, the clearing of our auras doubt and fear, and for the anchoring the divine blueprint of the Great Pyramid within us
          4. Impressing our thoughts and feelings on universal substance
          5. Cycles of earth changes and records of cataclysm

            Unit 6: The Secret Valley

            1. Seeking the mandala of your divine family
            2. More teaching on the light and sound ray
            3. Teaching on discerning your inner voice to pass your tests
            4. Call to unite with your twin flame in the etheric retreats
            5. Steps to help discern your inner voice
            6. Developing cosmic consciousness
            7. Requirements to fulfill before the masters can train you
            8. Recognizing your attainment

              Unit 7: God’s Omnipresent Power and Venus Visits the Royal Teton

              1. How to deal with someone’s strong carnal mind
              2. Technique for reaching the soul of an individual
              3. Call for the arresting of the spiral of human habits
              4. The importance of listening to your God Presence and being in the right place at the right time
              5. How to quicken your inner ear
              6. Teaching on focusing your consciousness on the here and now
              7. Dictation by Saint Germain
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