Our GIFT to you!

Now that you’ve learned about the healing thoughtform and the science of the immaculate concept for personal and planetary healing, do you want to study more teachings from the ascended masters on healing and practice more of their spiritual techniques for healing? Or discover the healing power of music and keys to increase the intensity of light in your chakras? Or understand the difference between psychic healing and restoring Christ wholeness in your four lower bodies?

The complete extension course, "The Emerald Matrix," can help you do all that and so much more (see Course Topics here). Register now and get 10 percent off!  Simply use discount code META0501MORE15 when you register for this course at the SU Online Store.

And there are more courses to choose from! Take a journey to the victorious life, meet an ascended master, learn keys for successful relationships, explore how cosmic laws govern every aspect of your life, or how to achieve life's ultimate purpose. See all of our Extension Courses.

Last modified: Wednesday, October 28, 2020, 4:25 PM