1.16 Journal Exercise

Both the immaculate concept and the healing thoughtform are gifts from Archangel Raphael and Mother Mary that you can use scientifically in your life. Devise a week-long experiment that allows you to try out and test these spiritual principles in your life. You can follow these general instructions, or make up some of your own:

  1. Choose a situation in your life that requires healing. It can be a physical ailment, an emotional attachment, or maybe a habit pattern. Write this situation down in your journal.

  2. In your journal describe how you, the spiritual scientist, are going to test the science of the healing thoughtform and/or the immaculate concept using the situation you selected for your experiment. For example: Are you going to determine to give Archangel Raphael’s decree daily? Are you going to practice visualizing the healing thoughtform around this situation every day for two minutes?

  3. Record in your journal daily the healing that you observe in your life. Ask yourself: Has my attitude changed towards this situation? Do I feel more whole? Am I experiencing true healing as described by the ascended masters?
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