What Is a Dictation?

During this unit you will be hearing excerpts of dictations by Archangel Raphael. A dictation is a message from an ascended master, an Archangel or another advanced spiritual being delivered through the agency of the Holy Spirit by a messenger of the Great White Brotherhood. 

Mark and Elizabeth Clare Prophet received thousands of messages from the ascended masters through their mantles as messengers. The mantle of the messenger is the cloak of light that is worn at inner levels which enabled them to take the dictations of the ascended masters.

Mrs. Prophet said, a dictation "is truly a divine happening of which I am but the instrument. It is a gift of the Holy Spirit and not something I can make happen….The only way to describe this experience is to say, in the words of the prophet: 'The Spirit of the Lord God is upon me.'"

The dictations of the ascended masters contain the light and energy of the master. The words are the master’s teaching, but they are also cups or vessels for the consciousness of the aster.

The spiral of light within the words is for your quickening and spiritual initiation. As you listen to the dictation, this light enters your chakras and aura and is stored there.

The masters have told us that a high percentage of the light of the original release occur when the dictation is played again. In addition, each dictation is recorded on over 40 tracks of consciousness, so when you hear a dictation again, you may hear a different aspect of the message each time you listen.

When you listen to a dictation, it is recommended that you not take notes; the best way to absorb the light of the dictation is to center in your heart rather than in your mental body.

The best mode for receiving this light is to sit with your spine upright, and hands cupped in your lap. It is best to uncross your legs and arms so that you do not cross-circuit the energy in your body. You may also choose to sit in the lotus or half lotus position.

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