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Unit 1: The Healing Thoughtform and the Science of the Immaculate Concept

  1. What is the Emerald Matrix?
  2. How to access the attainment of your Higher Self
  3. Biographies of Archangel Raphael and Mother Mary
  4. What is a thoughtform?
  5. How you can use the Healing Thoughtform to heal yourself, loved ones, and the planet
  6. How the concept of freewill impacts your healing
  7. How your Higher Self can assist you in your healing to discover your unique healing formula
  8. An in-depth look at the Science of the Immaculate Concept
  9. How to make a call on personal and planetary situations
  10. Tips on how to effectively visualize the Healing Thoughtform to restore Christ wholeness in your four lower bodies
  11. Meditation on Archangel Raphael's and Mother Mary's Retreat

Unit 2: The Art and Science of Healing, Part 1

  1. The Ascended Masters’ analysis of alternative healing techniques
  2. Spiritualism and how spirits are contacted to effect healing
  3. The difference between spiritualism and the Ascended Masters’ healing
  4. How the law of forgiveness works to balance karma
  5. Why the healer pays the price in the laying on of hands in psychic healing
  6. How the law of karma and reincarnation affects healing
  7. The Ascended Lady Master Meta and her healing retreat
  8. Teaching on the Elohim Cyclopea, Master of the emerald ray
  9. How disembodied spirits can take your energy and prevent healing
  10. Key teaching on the astral body and how it sustains itself after death
  11. How Jesus worked with the Elohim Astrea to heal demon possession
  12. Ways you attract discarnate entities
  13. Serapis Bey’s teaching on raising the sacred fire of the Kundalini
  14. Mediation on the All-Seeing Eye of God

Unit 3: The Art and Science of Healing, Part 2

  1. The relationship of pain, disease and world karma
  2. Kalil Gibran’s teaching on pain as a means for soul growth
  3. How saints suffer with afflictions to expiate world karma
  4. Ramakrishna’s teaching on pain and trust in God
  5. Why the carnal mind is the cause and core of all disease
  6. The soul’s choice to be the Divine Ego or the human ego
  7. Keys to become a channel for healing light
  8. The difference between divine healing and psychic healing
  9. Keys to the mastery of laying on of hands in order to not take on karma
  10. Biography of the Ascended Master Hilarion
  11. Teaching on healing from Hilarion, Chohan of the Fifth Ray
  12. Healing through the Science of the Immaculate Concept
  13. Outline of healing mantras to give when you need specific healing
  14. The miracle of the violet flame to transmute disease
  15. How to work with your body elemental to achieve wholeness
  16. Archangel Michael’s very special angelic powers
  17. Meditation with Lord Krishna for the dissolving of painful memories

Unit 4: Healing Through the Emerald Matrix: An In-depth Study of the Ritual of Exorcism

  1. Why exorcism is necessary in the healing of disease
  2. The anti-self or synthetic self that poses as the carnal mind
  3. The key role your heart chakra plays in the healing of other chakras
  4. How the fallen angels known as the Watchers and the Nephilim have used planet earth to perform genetic experimentation
  5. How the records of the race memory from ancient Lemuria and Atlantis can help us tap into our inherent divinity
  6. Keys to increase the intensity of light in the heart and all of the chakras
  7. How discarnate entities and demons lodge in dense levels of the earth
  8. Clearing your body temple of negative race memory records to rise in vibration to the frequency of your Higher Self
  9. Ascended Master Kuthumi's dispensation of healing
  10. How individuals can remain earthbound after they die
  11. Elohim Astrea’s role to take souls to places of learning between embodiments
  12. A look at entity possession and its relationship to inordinate desire for the Holy Spirit
  13. Meditation on the Angel Deva of the Jade Temple

Unit 5: Teaching of Gautama Buddha on Miracles and Healings

  1. Biography of Gautama Buddha
  2. Teaching on Buddhist mantras combined with violet flame mantras
  3. Biography of God Harmony
  4. Meditation on Buddhist Mantras, Miracles and Healing
  5. Keys to lowering the Emerald Matrix into the physical plane

Unit 6: The Recreation of Self

  1. The Healing Power of Music
  2. Musical Instruments that Correspond to Your Seven Chakras
  3. Ascended Masters’ Teachings on the soul and soul retrieval
  4. Djwal Kul's Breathing Exercise for cleansing your chakras
  5. Recreating ourselves through the Science of Sound
  6. Dictation: "Healing, Karma and the Violet Flame by Archangel Raphael and Mother Mary

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