1.8 Question and Answer Session, Part 1


You are going to hear the first part of a question and answer session on the topic of relationships that Mrs. Prophet gave with Summit University students.

Mrs. Prophet often extended the opportunity to students to ask questions because these sessions proved to be quite informative and beneficial for everyone participating.

During this session you will hear students addressing Mrs. Prophet as Mother. This title refers to her office as Mother of the Flame and to her devotion to the Divine Mother.

The first two questions you will hear are about dream experiences that two students had. You will find these quite interesting. The second question has to do with a retreat experience that a student had on inner levels while he slept. His soul remembered an encounter which he shares.

There are also several another enlightening questions regarding relationships that you will enjoy.

Elizabeth Clare Prophet with SU Students

Audio Q&A: Question and Answer Session Part 1 [26:27 minutes]

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