1.4 Key Concepts from Lecture

Study the key points from the lecture:

  1. Twin flames or twin souls are two individuals who hold the identical electronic blueprint in life; they contain the masculine and feminine polarity of the Father-Mother God.

  2. The electronic blueprint comes from the white fire body. It is the matrix of each one's I AM Presence and each one's individual Christ Self or Higher Self.

  3. Each twin soul is a full, whole, and complete person and is intended again to become the androgynous whole.

  4. Your twin flame is irreplaceable and wherever that counterpart is in cosmos, there is the link and a tie through your every thought and feeling. Everything we do affects the other half of the divine whole.

  5. Twin souls reflect their inner spiritual origin and identity. When they first come forth from the white fire body, the I AM Presence, they are karma free. The first time they put their feet on planet Earth and incarnate, they have no reason to be separated.

  6. Adam and Eve are archetypal twin flames who symbolize the testing required by God of all twin flames.

  7. The separation of twin flames is solely brought about by karma. This separation is very painful because it is separation from oneself. And even though we have the totality of the light of God within our hearts, we sense that a part of ourselves at the soul level is incomplete.

  8. We are on a quest to find our twin flame. At inner levels we experience the divine wholeness within the mighty I AM Presence. At outer levels we look for the helpmate.

  9. There are two quests we are on: The first is the seeking and finding of our own God Self or individual I AM Presence and the path of return to the white-fire core of being which is our point of origin. The second quest is the quest to find our perfect match—our twin flame.

  10. At night while our bodies rest, our soul travels to the etheric retreats of the ascended masters and angels. There we study with the masters in temples of light and work with our twin flame to fulfill our mission.

  11. As far as twin flames are concerned, the age of the body has nothing to do with the age of the soul. Our soul and the soul of our twin flame are the same age having begun together in the beginning in the white fire core.

  12. When Mrs. Prophet saw Mark Prophet for the first time she recognized him as teacher. When he saw her for the first time he recognized her as his twin flame.

  13. Recognizing your twin flame is an inner experience. It has nothing to do with being in love in the human sense of the word or having similar astrology. We are not twin flames by virtue of our flesh and blood condition.

  14. If twin flames do not recognize one another, this means they are not ready to recognize one another. They need to wait until the masters and the angels are ready to reveal that relationship.

  15. If meeting your twin flame is not going to serve a divine purpose or a spiritual purpose and if it involves breaking up families and causing cataclysm in people's lives, then the outer mind would rather not have to deal with what the soul knows at the subconscious level.

  16. Karmic relationships are always intense. We have many such relationships with people with whom we have made karma in the past—good karma and bad karma.

  17. Sometimes the worse the karma, the more intense the impact when we first meet someone, because God's light is imprisoned in past negative activity.

  18. Our soul at inner levels is very conscientious and desiring to serve, to do what is right, and to correct past mistakes. And our soul knows that if we do not get through that karma, we may not enter world service.

  19. The goal of life is reunion with the Higher Self (the Christ Self) and reunion with the I AM Presence and ultimately reunion with your twin flame. You realize that if you don't get your karma balanced you will not get to your twin flame.

  20. We are at the dawn of the age of Aquarius and the conclusion of the age of Pisces. This is a time of resolution.

  21. "The honeymoon is over" is an expression that has to do with the impact of karma upon marriage. This is why some people do not like to get married, because they resist bearing one another's burden.

  22. When we wed, our karma is one. We share our karma, good and bad. That is why Jesus said we should not be unequally yoked together with those of unlike mind.

  23. Karmic relationships are irritating. We want to make it right. We desire soul resolution. And the way to make it right or smooth things over is to experience love in a day-to-day situation.

  24. The thing about a karmic marriage is that you can never be free of that relationship if you don't meet every jot and tittle of the law. If you don't ultimately balance the karma that is between you, you will have to re-embody.

  25. No one in heaven or in earth can separate you from your twin flame. You are always one on spiritual levels. That is why it said, "Whom God hath joined together, let no man put asunder." (Matt: 19:6;Mark 10:9)

  26. God has joined you and your twin flame together in the beginning. And in all other conditions and circumstances in life, no one can separate you from that love of God in your twin flame.

  27. Karmic marriages and soul mate relationships are for a purpose. And while we are in the midst of them, they are intended to be a celebration on earth, a divine ritual of our inner union with our twin flame. And this is lawful.

  28. What is not lawful is treating a karmic relationship lightly and only giving it a token effort because you are waiting for the real thing to come along. This is a good way to prolong your karma and make more karma.

  29. We need forgiveness in relationships. We all have much to forgive and much to be forgiven for or we would not find ourselves on this planet at this point in time and space.

  30. Wherever your twin flame is, even if your twin flame is an ascended or cosmic being, your twin flame needs your love and support. A setback to your twin flame is a setback to you.

  31. You can write a letter to God and ask that if it is in accordance with his will, and your divine plan, that he please reveal to you your twin flame and how you can cooperate at inner or outer levels with that person.
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