1.3 Twin Flames and Soul Mates Lecture, Part 1


Below is an audio clip of the first part of a seminar that Mrs. Prophet gave on twin flames and souls mates. You may hear some concepts that are new to you such as karma and reincarnation and soul travel.

Karma and Reincarnation

During this first excerpt you will hear Mrs. Prophet speak about karmic relationships or karmic marriages. As you may know, karma is a term that originated in the East. It is a Sanskrit word that means act or deed.

The law of karma says that everything we think and do is a cause that sets in motion a chain of effects. These effects can be positive or negative. Negative karma ultimately has to be balanced—even if it takes more than one lifetime to do it. So the law of karma is fulfilled through the corollary law of reincarnation.

In the East, reincarnation is a fact of life. And in both the East and the West there are many stories of people who have had recollections of past lives. People in history who have believed in reincarnation are Plato, Ralph Waldo Emerson, Henry Ford, and Benjamin Franklin, to name just a few.

Soul Travel

You may be familiar with soul travel. During this audio excerpt you will hear Mrs. Prophet speak about the concept of our souls leaving our bodies at night, while our bodies rest, and traveling to higher octaves of light where etheric retreats are located. These are actually temples of learning where you study higher truths on inner levels.

You will also be learning in this unit how to ask the angels to take your soul to one of these etheric retreats so you can connect with your twin flame or soul mate on inner levels.

Mrs. Prophet is going to share her story of finding her twin flame, Mark Prophet, and the very unusual and quite amazing experience she had that confirmed that Mark was her twin flame.

El Morya

You will hear Mrs. Prophet speak about the ascended master El Morya (pictured here). El Morya gained his mastery on the First Ray of God's will. Sometimes people say that Morya looks stern, but when you begin to build a relationship with this master you will find that inside his intense blue aura is a warm, kind, loving heart that cares very much for our souls. El Morya had many embodiments while gaining his mastery. He was embodied as Abraham and as Melchoir, one of the three wise men. He reappeared in the fifth century as Arthur, king of the Britons, and then as Thomas Becket, Sir Thomas More, and the Mogul Emperor Akbar the Great, just to name a few.

El Morya sponsored Mark and Elizabeth as messengers and trained them on inner and outer levels to work with him.

Another concept that Mrs. Prophet discusses in this excerpt is that of the ascension. The ascended masters teach that the ascension is the ultimate goal of our life as we walk the path of reunion with God.

Discussion Forum

After this audio excerpt, you will have the opportunity to join the online Forum Discussion and respond to the following discussion question:

Discussion Question:

In the lecture excerpt we heard Mrs. Prophet say that it is possible to have an intense attraction for someone and think that they are your twin flame; however, this relationship may just be a karmic one. How is it possible to mistake a karmic relationship for a twin flame relationship?

Click on the link below to listen to the first part of Mrs. Prophet's lecture.

Elizabeth Clare Prophet

Audio Lecture: "Twin Flames and Souls Mates" Part 1 [28:42 minutes]

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