Using Violet Flame for Healing Relationships

During this free unit you will be working with the violet flame angels to experience a powerful spiritual light called the violet flame.

Violet Flame

The violet flame is seventh-ray aspect of the Holy Spirit (see seven rays). It is the gift of the Holy Spirit known to mystics throughout the ages but introduced to the world at large by the ascended master Saint Germain early in the 20th century. This spiritual flame works like a miracle solvent.

When you invoke and specifically direct the violet flame into relationship challenges in your life, it can actually help change inharmonious thoughts and feelings—stress, anger,depression—into positive, harmonious states. When you give violet flame mantras they cleanse your system of emotional and physical poisons, transmute karma and erase the cause behind the effect of disease. Violet flame even clears the distressing records of past lives.

Violet flame is a powerful healing tool

You can use this spiritual flame to transform yourself and your loved ones. The ascended masters have taught us that we can scientifically direct this flame into unwanted habits and patterns in our psychology so we can attract the kinds of relationship we desire to have.

Give the following violet flame mantra, "I AM a being of violet fire, I AM the purity God desires."

Audio Mantra:
"I AM a Being of Violet Fire" (3x) [00:14 minutes]

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