Who Are the Ascended Masters?

The ascended masters are advanced spiritual beings who once walked the earth and who passed their initiations in earth’s schoolroom, balanced their karma, attained Christ Consciousness, united with their God Self—the I AM Presence—and ascended back to God.

Gautama Buddha Jesus Christ

Ascended masters are the saints of east and west—like Gautama Buddha and Jesus Christ—who are the “saints robed in white” spoken of in the Bible.

An Etheric Retreat

The masters reside in the etheric plane—the heaven-world—in beautiful cities or retreats of light, but many of these ascended ones have ties to the evolutions of this planet. After they took their ascension in the light, they vowed to assist those of us here who desire to work with them to bring forth the light and to help bring in a Golden Age.

Last modified: Wednesday, February 11, 2015, 2:25 PM