Course Topics—Relationships: Explore the Mystery of Soul Mates and Twin Flames

Unit 1: Twin Flame or Soul Mate?

  1. The cosmic story of the creation and purpose of twin flames
  2. How to recognize your twin flame or soul mate
  3. The spiritual anatomy of you and your twin flame
  4. How to soul-travel to meet your twin flame on inner spiritual levels
  5. Twin flame testimonial
  6. The violet flame and how it works when we invoke it
  7. How do I know if my twin flame is ascended or still in embodiment?
  8. Making a treasure map to attract your perfect partner
  9. Photo Gallery of twin flames

Unit 2: Magnetize Your Perfect Partner

  1. Spiritual techniques to help you find your soul mate or twin flame
  2. The importance of forgiving yourself so you can forgive others
  3. Why it is important to relate to one other person in a very personal way
  4. Not finding your perfect match can cause depression on a soul level and what you can do about it
  5. How to sublimate your creative energies and project them as future goals
  6. The seven most common causes of faulty mate selection
  7. Relationship testimonial

Unit 3: Techniques to Achieve Wholeness and Inner Peace

  1. Teaching on relationships based on the contributions of the famous Swiss psychiatrist Carl Jung
  2. How your inner masculine and inner feminine natures affect all your relationships
  3. Unrealistic expectations that we commonly hold in a relationship and how to "get real"
  4. What can you do about difficult self-destructive relationships?
  5. Under what circumstances should you consider breaking up with someone?
  6. Ten keys for a better relationship with your twin flame, soul mate, or karmic partner
  7. Keys to nurturing your relationships
  8. Will two people who have karma have to come back to balance it?
  9. What happens when you invoke the violet flame for someone?
  10. A meditation on giving

Unit 4: On the Soul

  1. Teaching on the nature of our soul
  2. How we can parent and nurture our souls
  3. The difference between sympathy and compassion
  4. The importance of purifying our chakras
  5. Relationship testimonial
  6. How can one know inside what ones path and calling is?
  7. How is someone affected by spending their energy on many affairs?
  8. What can I do about a friend who is into witchcraft?
  9. How we function simultaneously on seven different planes of being

Unit 5: The Path of Initiation and Relationships

  1. Marriage as an initiation on the spiritual path
  2. Divorce: how to know when it’s time to move on
  3. What if I divorce my twin flame?
  4. The alchemical marriage—bonding to our Higher Self
  5. How to turn power struggles in relationships into a win, win situation
  6. Keys to balancing karmic debts
  7. What will it take to conquer shyness and begin to date?
  8. How can one access information regarding their past lives?
  9. Exercise in communicating lovingly
  10. How to spiritualize your relationships
  11. Saint Germain’s Heart Meditation

Unit 6: Karma, Reincarnation and Relationships

  1. Mrs. Prophet shares some of her past embodiments
  2. Stories of reincarnation in the West
  3. Walk the mystical path to reunion with your twin flame
  4. El Morya’s prayer for sponsorship with your twin flame
  5. Relationship testimonial
  6. What is the significance of remaining single throughout one’s life?
  7. How to handle the situation of one partner who wants to end the relationship and the other one who doesn’t
  8. What if one partner has a maternal feeling towards the other partner?

Unit 7: The Union of Twin Flames

  1. Video: Lecture by Mrs. Prophet, “The Union of Twin Flames”
  2. Your spiritual path and mission are an important key to finding your perfect partner
  3. Mrs. Prophet gives a special prayer for you to unite with your twin flame
  4. Meditation upon Venus the evening love star
  5. Course summary
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