2.9 Practical Spiritual Exercises

Ascended Master Saint Germain has given to us the gift of the violet transmuting flame so we can overcome our negative personal karma and have our victory in this embodiment.

Saint Germain
Ascended Master Saint Germain

Following is a short video of Mrs. Prophet giving Saint Germain's violet flame mantra for the Aquarian Age: "I AM a being of violet fire. I AM the purity God desires." She explains and demonstrates how to use the violet flame in your daily life.

How to Direct the Violet Flame for Forgiveness

Many spiritual seekers have feelings of unworthiness. If you have a deep sense of unworthiness due to past karma you have made, you may not feel worthy to make your ascension.

The ascended masters want you to know that the light of God in you is worthy. The human ego or human consciousness isn’t worthy. So when you tap into your Higher Self, the part of yourself that is one with God, you are worthy.

Violet Flame
The Violet Flame

Call upon the law of forgiveness and release old hurts and resentments from any and all relationships that may be blocking you from communing with your Higher Self. Give the following preamble followed by the violet flame Forgiveness Mantra and watch how the violet flame angels bring you forgiveness of yourself and others:

In the name of my Mighty I AM Presence and Holy Christ Self I call to the beloved violet flame angels. I call upon the law of forgiveness and I ask that this violet flame be directed into all my present and past relationships. I specifically call for this flame of forgiveness to pass through the following people and situations that are a burden to me: (Name people and situations) and I degree for all whom I have ever wronged and all who have ever wronged me.

Audio Decree: "Forgiveness Mantra" (3x) [1:12 minutes]

Decree, "Forgiveness Mantra"

I AM forgiveness acting here,
Casting out all doubt and fear,
Setting men forever free
With wings of cosmic victory.

I AM calling in full power
For forgiveness every hour;
To all life in every place
I flood forth forgiving grace.


Soul-Travel to the Etheric Retreats

While your body rest at night, your soul can travel to the etheric octave to the retreats and temples of the masters. There you study and become more integrated with your Higher Self. For many years the students of the ascended masters have had the opportunity to travel to the retreats of the Seven Chohans of the Rays. Following is a chart that gives you the their retreat schedule.

Universities of the Spirit, Fourteen-day Cycles, 2018-2020

You are welcome to use this chart on a daily basis. While you are taking this course, however, you may wish to make the following call to go to Serapis Bey's retreat to study.

Call to Soul Travel to the Etheric Retreat of Serapis Bey

In the name of the Christ, my own Real Self, I call to the heart of the I AM Presence and the angel of the Presence to take my soul to the Retreat of the Ascension Temple in Luxor, Egypt. I ask that my four lower bodies be charged and recharged with the flame of purity and that I be given the formula for the victory of my ascension in this life. And I ask that all information necessary for the fulfillment of my divine plan and my ascension be released to my outer waking consciousness, as it is required. I thank thee and I accept it done in the full power of the risen Christ.

Call to the Seraphim

The seraphim are an order of angels who are fiery beings. Their bodies and their wings form concentric rings around the Great Central Sun. They absorb the light of the spiritual Sun and deliver it to far-flung evolutions of the universe, including earth. Following is a call that you can make to them daily for their intercession in your life:

In the name of my mighty I AM Presence and Holy Christ Self, in the name beloved Archangel Michael and Faith and beloved Justinius Captain of Seraphic Bands, I decree:

Beloved flaming seraphim I call for your quality of cosmic penetrability. March through the planet, my home, my place of work and through my etheric, mental, emotional and physical bodies and instantaneously burn through and transmute on contact all negative patterns and momentums, all doubt, fear and all lack of faith. Purify my chakras and my aura and fill me with the Light of the Great Central Sun! This which I call forth for myself, I call forth for all Lightbearers everywhere.

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