2.8 Serapis Bey's Assignment

During his dictation, Serapis asked you to keep a notebook called, “My Christhood.” He instructed you to make two columns. In the first column list your virtues and in the second column list your faults. Then, return to the first column and list attributes that you desire to have but that you haven’t yet mastered. As you progress on the spiritual path and in your attunement with your Christ Self, you will want to look back often and see how many of the positive qualities you have embodied.

Following are Serapis Bey’s words describing his assignment:

Let us begin our assignment. The Real from the unreal; this is the first lesson at Luxor. What is real in you? What is unreal? I charge you to begin your book this day…I charge you then, this day, to take a page in your book of Christhood, to make two columns. The first column: Myself, What is Real—the second column: Myself, What is Unreal. You will head the first column with the words “God, the I AM THAT I AM, Christ the Only Begotten Son.” This is that which is real in you. You will head the second column with the human ego, the human will, the human intellect, the human pride.

You will list in the first column, then, the virtues of the light, the virtues of the Christ and of God which you know to be real and to be outpictured within you. And in the second column you will list those faults, those sins which are not real. Then you will return to the first column and list those attributes that you desire to have real, that you know exist, that you know and adore but which you have not yet mastered. These you will also claim as yourself, as reality. For unless and until you claim them, you cannot be them.

Myself, What Is RealMyself, What Is Unreal

God, the I AM THAT I AM

Christ the Only Begotten Son

The human ego

The human will

The human intellect

The human pride

As you take out your notebook and begin this assignment from Serapis, it is important to realize that as you progress through this course and on the spiritual path that you will be gaining greater integration with your Higher Self, your Christ Self. As you do this, you will be able to observe to a greater degree what is unreal in you and desire to manifest more of what is Real. As a result, what you initially list in these two columns will change as you strive to outpicture more of the positive qualities and transmute all that is unreal.

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