2.6 Key Concepts, Part 2

  1. In the hour of your ascension you will hear come forth out of the ascension flame at Luxor on the etheric plane, the “Triumphal March” from Aida, which is the music of the ascension.

  2. The I AM Presence is the focal point for the ascension fires in the plane of Spirit.

  3. Serapis Bey is known as the disciplinarian. There are 144 instructors in the Retreat of the Ascension Temple who receive candidates for the ascension each week.

  4. Candidates for the ascension are measured by the action of God’s holy will, holy wisdom and holy love in life.

  5. All candidates must serve an apprenticeship under the angels-- the mighty Seraphim— who guard the way of the Tree of Life. All candidates are assigned to one of the 144 instructors.

  6. There is a chemicalization when Light accelerates in the presence of darkness. A chemical reaction results. The activation of Light loosens up the very cells of darkness that they might be put into the flame and be consumed.

  7. No man shall see God and live as man.

  8. Be alchemists and change the base metal within you to the gold of the Christ consciousness. You must have a daily ritual which you practice in defense of your divinity.

  9. Do not worship the outer personality of anyone but worship the God flame.

  10. Whenever anyone ascends the momentum of that victory is stamped upon all who remain on the planet.

  11. The ascension flame is a flame of hope; you have hope because you have the divine memory of the ascension of Jesus the Christ within you.

  12. It takes ten times longer to balance karma in the etheric octave. It takes a physical incarnation to balance physical karma.

  13. A tender love underlies the garment of the blue and white fire masters like El Morya and Serapis Bey.

  14. The ascension flame is the flame of the Mother. Your own ascension flame exists as your God potential, as the nucleus of the base-of-the-spine chakra.

  15. In Matthew Chapter 24 Jesus outlines what happens in the end times. He describes what happens when the Mother light comes in the world at large and rises within you.

  16. We must know the meaning of Jesus’ words, “I came not to send peace but a sword.” We must prepare ourselves to deal with all resistance to Mother at all levels of being.

  17. Resistance to the Mother light can manifest as lethargy, moodiness, getting involved with drugs, or involvement with any other aspect of the death culture.

  18. We must bring to the Mother a certain portion of the Mother so that our soul will not be consumed. If we don’t have an ascension fire to add to the central altar at Luxor then we are not permitted to enter because our soul would be consumed and that is known as the second death.
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