2.3 Key Concepts, Part 1

  1. Chapter 1 of the Book of Acts is the foundation and capstone of the pyramid of the ascension. This is the chapter where the ascension of Jesus Christ is recorded.

  2. Jesus’ ascension was a public demonstration so that everyone could see and experience the culmination of the Path.

  3. Every soul on earth contains the actual akashic record of Jesus’ ascension. It is the matrix for the ascension of every other soul.

  4. The only other record of the ascension in scriptures is Elijah ascending into heaven in a chariot of fire and Enoch, “He walked with God and he was not for God took him.”

  5. Gautama Buddha’s ascension was not public. No one witnessed Mother Mary’s assumption into heaven. There is no record of John of Patmos’ ascension.

  6. The scriptures have been tampered with and so much of the truth is removed. When we read scriptures the Holy Spirit re-infuses them and we glean the correct interpretation.

  7. A course on the ascension must include an examination of the initiations that lead to the ascension. Initiations are taken over a spiral of many lifetimes.

  8. The ascension flame, the fourth ray, represents the mid-point of the seven major rays and the apex of the pyramid. We need to determine what initiation we are on in this life; where we are right now.

  9. Sometimes we fall into the trap of meandering and become involved in other paths. There are a million ways of justifying human existence when we don’t want to pass an initiation.

  10. Spiritual progress stops when we fail to take responsibility and accountability for our path, our ascension, and our initiations.

  11. We are not meant to just touch the garment of the Lord Christ, but we are meant to put on that garment of light.

  12. We must not be afraid of the confrontation with self. This is why “Man Know thyself” is written on the ancient temple wall.

  13. The goal of this course is to define your Christhood, your Selfhood. You need to go to the depths of your subconscious and find the thread of contact of your identity.

  14. The thread of contact is the contact with the Great White Brotherhood and the ascended masters. It is sustained by constancy and obedience.

  15. We can destroy the thread of contact by disrespect to the masters, their representatives, the ancient prophets, or teachers East and West. We can also destroy it by inner rebellion and rejection of the Christ.

  16. One purpose of Summit University is to reestablish the thread of contact between you and your ascended master Guru—between you and your own Christ Self.

  17. The Garden of Eden was the first mystery school following the fall of mankind’s consciousness.

  18. The fulfillment of prophecy is that every man and women shall sit under his own vine and fig tree (under their individualized I AM Presence and Holy Christ Self) and God will write his Laws in their inward parts. Everyone shall know his own I AM Presence and his own Christ Self as the Guru.

  19. We need to study the Law, purify ourselves, and accept the challenge of initiation.

  20. Saint Germain has made the promise to you and me that if we apply the law we can ascend in this life (or the next life, if there are extenuating circumstances.)

  21. The ascension is a very present reality. We are ascending every day.
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