2.2 Lecture: Ascension, Part 1

In this first part of her lecture, Mrs. Prophet reads from the Book of Acts, chapter 1:1-14. She takes you to the scene on Bethany’s Hill and asks you to meditate and be a witness to the ascension of Jesus Christ as she reads this record in Acts.

Jesus Christ
The Ascended Master Jesus Christ

Jesus’ ascension is recorded in the akashic records. And the masters tell us that the record of this event is recorded in the memory of every soul on the planet. This means at a soul level you know that his ascension showed you what is possible for yourself.

Mrs. Prophet speaks about how the scriptures have been tampered with. She recommends that when you read the Bible, that allow the Holy Spirit to give you the whole meaning. (The Holy Spirit helps you read between the lines and determine what may have been removed or left out.)

You will hear Mrs. Prophet speaks about the “chela.” Chela is a Sanskrit term for a disciple of a master or religious teacher. She also speaks about the path of initiation. This refers to the spiritual path that you walk day by day in pursuit of the universal Christ Consciousness.

On the path of initiation you experience the confrontation with the lower self or ego. You overcome your human ego through sustained contact with your Higher Self. This is accomplished through a systematic approach that combines meditation, dynamic decrees and study.

Mrs. Prophet speak about how your consciousness fell from a higher state and how you now have the tools and opportunity to reconnect to this Higher Power as you move into the Aquarian Age.

At the end of this part, Mrs. Prophet reminds you that the Ascended Master Saint Germain has guaranteed the ascension to lightbearers at the conclusion of this embodiment or the next, if they follow and apply the law, and study the Teachings of the Ascended Masters.

At the conclusion of this part you will have the opportunity to go to the Forum Discussion A and respond to the following question:

What is the most important thing for you to determine about yourself during this course? Why?

This first part begins with invocation. You will hear Mrs. Prophet invoke the light of your Christ Self to help you center in this higher aspect of the Self as you experience this teaching.


Audio Lecture: "Ascension Lecture" Part 1 [29:07 minutes]

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