1.2 Course Topics

Unit 1: Introduction to Your Course and Your Online Environment

  1. How to navigate your online environment
  2. Course overview
  3. Course topics
  4. How to study this course
  5. Getting the most out of your online experience
  6. Glossary
  7. What is personal transformative learning?
  8. Understanding your spiritual anatomy
  9. Who are the ascended masters?
  10. The messengers for the ascended masters
  11. What is a dictation?
  12. The Science of the Spoken Word®

Unit 2: The Ascension Process

  1. Biography on Serapis Bey and the Seraphic Hosts
  2. Insight into Jesus’ ascension is recorded in the akashic records
  3. Chelaship and the path of initiation
  4. Keys to overcome your human ego and to sustain contact with your Higher Self
  5. What is a messenger, a mantle and a dictation from an ascended master?
  6. A dictation by Serapis Bey and an assignment and dispensation
  7. How to direct the violet transmuting flame for forgiveness
  8. How to soul-travel at night to the temples of light on the etheric plane

Unit 3: The Path of Initiation

  1. Teaching on chapter one from the book Dossier on the Ascension, by Serapis Bey
  2. What is hatred of the Mother?
  3. The Science of the Cosmic Clock
  4. Sanat Kumara as the Ancient of Days
  5. The threefold flame as a key to passing your initiations
  6. Teaching on how to weave your Deathless Solar Light Body
  7. Visualization and teaching on entering the temples of the Solar Hierarchies
  8. How to know right from wrong in the hour of initiation
  9. Questions and answers with students and the messenger

Unit 4: Virtues and Pitfalls on the Path

  1. Your ascension is an attainable goal
  2. Requirements for your ascension
  3. How to sustain your level of attainment when challenged
  4. Ways to spin our Deathless Solar Body for the victory
  5. False teachers and how they refuse their initiations
  6. The two initiations of love under Serapis Bey
  7. Your attainment—the only thing you can take with you
  8. Why it is important to keep a diary of our experiences with God
  9. The magic of believing

Unit 5: Energies of Light and Darkness

  1. Chapter two of the book, Dossier on the Ascension
  2. Teaching on the coil of energy, your electronic belt
  3. How self-imposed laws of limitation function at subconscious levels and how to remove these limitations
  4. Maitreya's teaching on how to cut through the coil of human habit
  5. Jesus' miracles and what it took to accomplish them
  6. Our attunement and how it affects the light we receive
  7. Keys to balancing 51% of your karma in this life
  8. How to handle projections of jealousy and hatred

Unit 6: Raising the Light of the Divine Mother

  1. How your threefold flame relates to the purification of consciousness
  2. The soul, soul awareness and how the soul relates to your Christ Self
  3. Defining your Christhood by objectively assessing yourself
  4. The Archangels Jophiel and Christine help you define Christhood
  5. Keys to how chelaship is earned
  6. Teaching on idolatry of the teacher and human perfection
  7. Teaching on the seven chakras in relation to the Cosmic Clock
  8. The importance of the threefold flame, the chakras and the ascension
  9. The challenge of holding the immaculate concept
  10. How to become a chela of an ascended master

Unit 7: Balancing Your Threefold Flame

  1. Teaching on chapter three of Dossier on the Ascension
  2. Constancy as a key attribute to making your ascension
  3. Techniques for the stabilization of consciousness
  4. Saint Germain’s teaching on how to determine which plume of your threefold flame is out of balance
  5. Your desire body and how to make it a magnet to help fulfill your divine plan
  6. How to anticipate tests and temptations on the path
  7. Teaching on psychological problems and the karma of rebellion
  8. Friendship with the ascended masters through absolute trust
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