1.14 Meditation on The Great Electronic Fire Rings

You heard Mark Prophet say in this lecture that “God is Light and Life…and is the manifestation of the life of us all."

Mark asks us: "Does it make sense to you that God is more than all of us?" In other words, if we could take a circle and draw that circle and say that everything that has ever been made goes inside of it, then God is everything beyond this circle. He goes on to say that Spirit is boundless…there are no lines to contain Spirit…. And we are in reality, unlimited.


You now have the opportunity to experience a meditation entitled "The Great Electronic Fire Rings" that will take our souls in consciousness, far beyond this earth plane out into cosmos.

The words of this meditation were dictated to the messenger Mark Prophet by the Ascended Master Serapis Bey and you can find the words of this meditation in the book the Dossier on the Ascension, published by Summit University Press.

This meditation is called a seraphic meditation and it is spoken in the first person by the seraphim on behalf of the children of God—they are the observations which supposedly would be made by man or women if they were to attain the level of seraphic consciousness."

As you may know, the seraphim or seraphic hosts are an order of angels dedicated to focusing the flame of purity and the consciousness of purity before the throne of God and in the electronic fire rings of the Great Central Sun as well as throughout the cosmos in the planes of Spirit and Matter.

The master Serapis Bey teaches in his book Dossier on the Ascension that the seraphim are magnificent beings with the fire of God burning in their eyes. They have great power because they regularly procession to the Great Central Sun and stand in the presence of God and totally absorb the light of God directly into their beings. Then they procession back to this system of worlds and come into our aura.

If we call to them on a daily basis, they will make themselves congruent with our form and burn through, transmute and heal us from all substance and karma that burdens us.

Audio Meditation: "Meditation on the Great Electronic Fire Rings" [9:10 minutes]

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