1.11 Song: "The Lighthouse of Love"

The Summit Lighthouse® is an outer organization of the Great White Brotherhood founded by Mark Prophet in 1958 in Washington, D.C., under the direction of the Ascended Master El Morya, for the purpose of publishing and disseminating the Teachings of the Ascended Masters.

The Ascended Master Lanello wrote this song to anchor his flame and give us the vision of the mission of The Summit Lighthouse. The melody is simple. Enjoy your singing experience! (The words are below).

Audio Song: "The Lighthouse of Love" [3:44 minutes]


Song, "The Lighthouse of Love"

From the Sun Center of Love all divine
Through Thy great star-studded universe mine
Flowed emanations of perfect good cheer—
Lo, it is I! Lo, I AM right here!

The Summit Lighthouse is a victory flame
Light overcoming all darkness and blame
The Lighthouse of Love will guide all below
Who bask in the glory of purity’s glow.

No favorite son, ye all are divine
Made in His Image—restore us, let’s climb!
We come for thy blessing, Father of all
Thy Light is pure love, we answer thy call.

Away in a manger, beautiful Christ
So meek and so lowly, filled with delight
Spurned by the world and rejected of men
Was honored by some—He cometh again.

The world shall be changed and painted so bright
By charity’s beams and pencils of light
The Summit presents the Masters divine
O let us then hear them while there is time!

Purpose in living descends as a flame
Enveloping garments, gifts in Thy name
‘Round us forever and heals every woe
Thy Spirit directs, reveals how we go.

O Mary and Jesus, Saint Germain dear
Remove all our density, cast out fear
Thy flames enfold us to resurrect light
Cast out all death and fill us with Life.

The Summit Lighthouse of creative power
Releasing bright radiance every hour
Charges the world with harmonious rays
That change all your darkness into great praise!
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