1.10 Lanello, Help Me!

On February 26, 1989, the Ascended Master Lanello dictated through the messenger Elizabeth Clare Prophet and gave us a call that we can make any time, day or night, to invoke his assistance. Following is a short teaching from Lanello and his call:

This day I say, let the mantle of Lanello deliver to all who will truly claim it for God’s will the all-power in heaven and earth that is given unto me in Jesus’ name!

Therefore, through your I AM Presence and Holy Christ Self let the Law act according to your will.

In Love I stand for your victory. In Love I stand for your Victory! And all that I AM is pledged to your completion of the tasks at hand.

Therefore breathe a breath to me and say, "Lanello, help me!" when you are in the midst of service anywhere anytime.

"Lanello, help me!"
Blessed ones, I need my name spoken and a call for help. Please do not forget.

Lanello, Help Me!

Recite the following mantra three times with full voice:

"Lanello, Help me!, Help me! Help me!"
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