1.6 Song, "Faith, Hope and Charity"

Threefold Flame

The following song has a simple sweet melody. When you sing this song, the Archeiai Faith, Hope and Charity come to assist you to expand and balance the threefold flame in your heart. (You will find the words to this song below.)

Audio Song: "Faith, Hope, and Charity" [1:47 minutes]


Song, "Faith, Hope and Charity"

Angel of loveliness, Faith, friend so true
Keep us in holiness, our faith renew
Lift us to heaven height, there let us see
Blest Michael’s cosmic might now e’er one with thee.

Hope blessed angel bright, hear thou our call
In pure and holy light enfold us all
Help all thou lov’st so well to heav’n regain
There with blest Gabriel forevermore to reign.

Our blessed Charity, angel of love
Hold all in purity from God above
Blest Chamuel’s complement, lovely thou art
Help thou our God-intent to be of thee a part.

Faith, Hope and Charity, from thee we see
Each sacred quality flow constantly
Teach us thy truth divine, e’er light our way
Show us our God-design and ever with us stay.
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