1.2 Song, "To Our Beloved Lanello"

Now that you have a vision of the man Mark Prophet, you have an opportunity to join Summit University students to sing a beautiful song to the Ascended Master Lanello. As you just learned, Lanello is the name that Mark Prophet took when he ascended in 1973.

Mark Prophet

You will enjoy singing along as the lyrics below are set to the familiar melody of "Greensleeves," which is Lanello's keynote.

When you place your attention upon an ascended master, and give your devotion to them, they will come and place their Presence over you.

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Audio Song: "To Our Beloved Lanello" [3:19 minutes]


Song, "To Our Beloved Lanello"

What blazing Light on yonder heights
What glory our eyes beholding!
What heav’nly bliss, enthralling sight
Within our hearts now infolding!

Behold, the Son of Heaven stands
Now holding wide the portal!
Behold, the everlasting Light
Streams forth to raise each mortal!

Alleluia, he is risen!
Sing, ye angels, of Heaven’s Son
Alleluia, he is risen!
Is risen, Love’s victory won.

And like a gossamer veil atremble
With the thunder of the sun
O beauteous doorway of forever
Swing wide for ev’ryone!

What wondrous music heard on high
What songs the angels singing
What great rejoicing time is nigh
What glorious bells I hear ringing!


Our own beloved Lanello
Thy footprints guiding us ever
And now at last the torch is passed—
We pledge our love forever!


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