The Science of the Spoken Word®

During this unit, you will experience an effective spiritual technique called the Science of the Spoken Word®. This science combines prayer, meditation and visualization with what are called decrees.

Decrees are prayers that are spoken aloud in a dynamic, rhythmic manner. They are carefully worded formulas, positive statements, that use the name of God, I AM THAT I AM. They assist our souls to become more in tune and connected with our Higher Self on a daily basis. Once you have made that contact, you can draw on the innate power of the God within to bring you the things you need in life.

You can use this power along with the spiritual energy and light invoked by decrees, mantras and songs to create positive change for yourself and the world around you.

Communication with a Higher Power—God or his representatives in the heaven-world—is at the core of every religion. Christian and Jews pray and sing hymns, Catholics offer the mass and give the rosary, Hindus and Buddhists use mantras or chants and Muslims recite the Koran and pray aloud five times daily. So we can see that this science of mantra is an ancient, effective practice.

Archangel Michael

An example of a short, powerful mantra that you can use to call for heavenly assistance and can quickly give in all types of circumstances is:

"Archangel Michael, Help Me! Help Me! Help me!"

When we make this call, Archangel Michael manifests his mighty Presence right where we are for our sealing and protection.  Listen to the audio clip below to experience this mantra.

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Audio Fiat: "Archangel Michael, Help Me! Help Me! Help Me!" (9x) [00:34 minutes]

The Science of the Spoken Word

Law of Octaves

An important cosmic law to be aware of is the law of octaves. This law states that angels and ascended beings cannot assist us in the physical plane unless we invite them to do so. During this unit you will have the opportunity to give mantras and decrees and ask the angels for assistance.

Learn More about the Science of the Spoken Word

To learn more about the Science of the Spoken Word, we recommend that you read this book: The Science of the Spoken Word by Mark L. Prophet and Elizabeth Clare Prophet (Summit University Press, 1988)

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