The Messengers for the Ascended Masters

Mark L. Prophet and Elizabeth Clear Prophet are messengers for the ascended masters.

Messengers are trained and anointed by the ascended masters to deliver divine teachings, messages and prophecies to guide mankind.

Mark L. Prophet

Elizabeth Clare Prophet

The messengers’ role is to help the spiritual seekers make contact with their Higher Self, also called the Christ Self.

Mark and Elizabeth Prophet trained rigorously for many lifetimes to prepare for this mission and have left a legacy of thousands of hours of teachings for the spiritual aspirant.

Mark Prophet was a modern-day mystic trained by the Master El Morya. He founded The Summit Lighthouse and served as messenger from 1958 until his transition in 1973.

His wife, Elizabeth Clare Prophet, was also trained as a messenger and carried on the work until her retirement in 1999.

Together, Mark and Elizabeth Prophet have released thousands of messages, or dictations, from the Ascended Masters, many of which have been published in print, audio and video. They also wrote a number of spiritual texts, including such classics as The Human Aura, The Lost Years of Jesus and Fallen Angels and the Origins of Evil.

The Prophets’ extensive unpublished lectures and writings continue to be released by Summit University Press in many languages and multiple formats.

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