Take a sneak peek at all of the topics in The Victory Way of Life extension course

Unit 1

  1. What is The Victory Way Of Life?
  2. Biography of Mighty Victory and his legions of victory angels
  3. Kuthumi’s teaching: “How to Listen to a Dictation
  4. Dictation: “The Victory Way of Life,” by Mighty Victory
  5. A tremendous release of illumination’s flame
  6. All ascended masters are examples of walking in Victory’s flame
  7. Keys to balancing the threefold flame in your heart and also in your four lower bodies
  8. Mighty Victory deposits thoughtforms and beads of light within your etheric body
  9. An attitude of joy is a key to your victory
  10. Invoke Victory’s presence by giving Decree 22.04, “The Victory Way of Life"
  11. Meditation to balance and expand your threefold flame

Unit 2

  1. Keys to trigger feelings of love and devotion
  2. Two main types of individuals: mentally stimulated and emotionally stimulated
  3. How entities can block your mastery and the flow of energy in your emotional body
  4. Physical action: a step to being victorious and releasing a positive spiral of energy
  5. What it takes to summon strength beyond the physical
  6. Why acceptance is a key to the victorious sense
  7. Teaching on the trial by fire
  8. The importance of a figure eight flow between your etheric and emotional bodies
  9. Learn how to greet and laugh at adversity
  10. Discover what moves you to a victory consciousness and what prevents it
  11. Victory in your life is not determined by an outer condition
  12. Discover two different meanings of the gift of speaking in tongues
  13. Meditation on illumination’s flame

Unit 3

  1. Dictation: “A Spiral for Christ Victory” by Mighty Victory
  2. How the flame of Victory dissolves microbes and germs that infect the mind
  3. A spiral of victory released for the fulfillment of The Summit Lighthouse
  4. Legions of victory angels merge with the individual auras of mankind
  5. Teaching on the Masters’ dispensations
  6. The Ascended Master Victory gives you your personal victory angel
  7. The power of the Great Central Sun Magnet
  8. Invoke Mighty Victory’s flame: Decree 22.02
  9. Meditation on Helios and Vesta

Unit 4

  1. Why Mighty Victory sits on the Libra line of the Cosmic Clock
  2. Why darkness is not the opposite of light and why evil is not the opposite of Good
  3. Why absorbing darkness into your aura is a question of physics
  4. Physical description of the dark souls upon earth
  5. What happens to the soul during the alchemical marriage
  6. Tests that pull your attention away from your Mighty I AM Presence
  7. Meditation on the Royal Teton Retreat and song “The Evening Star”

Unit 5

  1. Teaching on bonding to our Holy Christ Self
  2. How the elemental Fun Wey made his ascension
  3. Faith’s reward: illumination
  4. The topaz stone: a focal point of victory and wisdom
  5. Saint Germain’s nine steps of precipitation and their relationship to victory
  6. Dictation: “Indomitable Greetings of Cosmic Victory” by Mighty Victory
  7. Accept the spirit of your victory and be transformed
  8. Recognize the power of being a catalyst
  9. Invoke Mighty Victory’s flame: Decree 22.03
  10. Meditation: "The Perfection of Goodwill"

Unit 6

  1. Why the United States is one of the lightest places on Earth
  2. A special initiation from the Goddess of Liberty for US citizens
  3. What happens when you step up the vibration of God perfection in yourself
  4. How to keep accelerating the whirling sun of victory within you
  5. Charged with solar energies from the Great Central Sun, Mighty Victory creates a sense of abundance and the abundant life
  6. How to be an emissary of Victory to this planet
  7. Meditation on the Great Central Sun by El Morya
  8. Summary
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