1.8 Victory Lecture 1, Part 2

In this second part of the lecture you will hear Mrs. Prophet point out the keys that Victory offered in this dictation. She gives commentary and further teaching on his concepts.Listen carefully for the answer to this question:

You will hear her refer to the "clock" and "the lines of the clock." This is reference to the science of the Cosmic Clock. This science was given to the messenger by Mother Mary in order for us to chart the cycles of our returning karma. The Cosmic Clock is a whole course in itself; if you would like to study this science you can find it in the book, Predict Your Future: Understand the Cycles of the Cosmic Clock, by Elizabeth Clare Prophet.

Listen carefully so you will be able to answer this question:

Why do individuals who have the strongest egos sometimes make the best devotees of the ascended masters? What challenges on the path does someone with a strong ego face? What challenges does someone with a weak identity face?


Audio Lecture: "Victory Lecture 1" Part 2 [25:09 minutes]

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