1.7 Key Concepts from the Lecture Excerpt

Review these key points from the lecture excerpt you just heard and then read the Pearl of Wisdom by Mighty Victory, "Victory's Way of Life":

  1. Balancing the threefold flame in your heart doesn't necessary mean that you have balanced it in your etheric, mental, emotional and physical bodies.

  2. You may have allowed one of your four lower bodies to accumulate so much misqualified substance that the action of the threefold flame is not balanced in that body.

  3. You may have records in your etheric body so the fullness of your threefold flame cannot pulsate, or you may have so much emotional substance in your emotional body that your threefold flame is not manifesting. If you have a developed analytical mind, that can block the Christ mind from manifesting in your mental body or your physical body may be filled with toxins.

  4. Ask Mighty Victory to help you have the victory over your four lower bodies.

  5. Mighty Victory deposits thoughtforms, nuclei of light, within our etheric body from the beginning to the end of his dictation. They are like beads of light flowing from Mighty Victory’s Causal Body into us.

  6. The only thing that stands between us and the attainment of Mighty Victory is the sense of victory. Victory stresses that we have to have that feeling of victory in our feeling world, in our desire body.

  7. If you do not have the feeling of victory, you will not be victorious. Your desire for victory has to be greater than your desire for the death culture, deception and the things of this world that keep you in an anti-victory spiral.

  8. When you have a real intense sphere of victory whirling in you, it acts like a buzz saw. It is a saw of joy and victory, and all of the problems that come to you bump into this saw and it cuts through the dense energy and the burdens of life.

  9. To be victorious, our four lower bodies, and every cell in them, must contain the victorious sense of joy.

  10. Accelerate your vibration. Acceleration is a key to victory.

  11. If your electrons are in a sluggish state, you allow negative energy or wedges of darkness to penetrate. But, if your electrons are whirling as the intensity of the sun, nothing can penetrate them.

  12. Victory wants you to understand that the illumination flame should be the highest acceleration of your being and consciousness because it is the mind of God. Do not be content to sit in the sluggishness and sloth of the dense mental body.

  13. Purify the chalice of the mental body and get rid of the carnal mind and its analytical consciousness.

  14. The human mind can produce problems at an extraordinary rate. It’s like a problem factory. It looks around at life and the world, and suddenly every little thing can be a gigantic problem.

  15. Being victorious is being able to laugh at adversity. It is like getting in your victory car, riding up over an obstacle in your path, down the other side, and you just keep on going.

  16. Demons, and their mischief-making, and doubt and fear are all forms of opposition to the mind of God and the yellow ray manifesting in you.

  17. Your God Presence will not be brought under the power of human hypnosis and the thought that the individual can control the God Self. Individuals who are power mad and recognize there is a higher source of energy will try to take that source of energy and use it for whatever they desire.

  18. The tests come when you receive the light of the masters, and you must decide whether to use this light to further their work on the planet or to squander that light and pursue a material path and human happiness.

  19. God wants us to have happiness but he is weaning us from human happiness. He wants us to have divine happiness. Divine happiness can interpenetrate your life, your family and your home so that you have no sense that the human was exchanged for the divine.

  20. The joy that Victory is speaking about is the joy of the awareness that you are God—the limitless. You are the offspring of the Almighty One.

  21. The shell of happiness is the matter bowl—material manifestations. When we get attached to the things in the material world we start to lose the spirit and pretty soon the bowl will be lost too.

  22. If you forget the flame and start enjoying the bowl, the flame will soon withdraw and then you will be enjoying the shell. And if you let your consciousness be lowered in vibration you won’t even notice when the flame was withdrawn because you are so attached to the outer manifestation.

  23. Everything that can come into your life as joy must also return to the Great Central Sun. It will keep coming in tremendous abundance if our only attachment is to the flame itself. And this is an important key from Mighty Victory.

  24. We find that if we take our eye off the flame, the electrons begin to go back to the Great Central Sun and the structure begins to collapse. But this collapse may take several lifetimes to come to the place of abject poverty where you realize that something has gone wrong and you have lost the inner flame.

  25. The fallen angels inject into us an intense sense of jealousy and resentment because someone has something we do not have. This is covetousness and causes us to break one of the Ten Commandments. So we have to find our treasure, our wealth and our riches in the flame.

  26. Human hypnosis is everything that takes our consciousness from the core of being. It is an attempt to lock the consciousness of your God Self into patterns that are unlawful to God.

  27. The heart is the fire center. When you open your heart, it opens up your etheric body for the clearing of records, and it opens up your feeling world, the desire body, so that you create a figure-eight flow of energy between your etheric (fire) body and emotional (water) body.

  28. Sometimes we hold back and desire to keep the negative substance in our four lower bodies. We can become obsessed with the belief that the combination of substance in our four lower bodies is actually our identity. This is a point of self-hypnosis.

  29. The greater strength you have in an identity, no matter what it is, the greater your ability to get rid of it. Sometimes the strongest egos make the best chelas because when the pendulum swings from unreality to reality, all that was unreal in the ego obsessed with itself becomes in exchange the Divine Ego.

  30. God can only give you back proportionately that which you give to him. God cannot give you the full God-awareness, for instance, of a cosmic being like Mighty Victory, if your sense of self is the size of a pea.

  31. The key is, no matter what your sense of identity is at this moment, give it up and call to the Divine Self to enter your being and start pumping it with light just like you were pumping a tire by hand. Pump that air, pump the fire of the Holy Spirit into your self-awareness and just keep building that Self as God.

  32. The flame of Mighty Victory is a powerful Niagara of golden light, a golden waterfall of light. And when it enters the cup of your consciousness it can literally flush out everything that’s in it.
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