1.5 Victory Lecture 1, Part 1, Including First Dictation by Mighty Victory

Below is the first part of a Summit University lecture by Elizabeth Clare Prophet, entitled "Mighty Victory."

During this part of the lecture, you will hear a dictation by Victory entitled, "Victory's Way of Life." This was given July 7, 1968, through the messenger Mark L. Prophet and is approximately 20 minutes in length. Even though this dictation was originally given in 1968, you will find that it is a timeless message that is just as relevant today as it was when it was given.

Dispensation Regarding a Dictation Replay

Saint Germain

On April 18, 1987, the Ascended Master Saint Germain told us about a very special dispensation when we listen to a dictation replay. He said:

Blessed ones, as it has been told to you, I speak it again—the spoken Word as a chalice for the ascended masters is available to you as a guardian action. The dictations are re-released as they are replayed. You have the original light. This is a dispensation of great magnitude, for the Word is the fire of creation. It is the wall of light. It is the armour.

So, when you listen to this dictation from Mighty Victory, you will receive the original light that was released by this cosmic being in 1968!

The Electronic Presence of the master is always present when a dictation is played. Therefore, if you are centered in your heart and in a receptive mode, you will feel the presence of the cosmic being Victory fill the room or wherever you are seated listening to this dictation over the Internet.

As you listen, you can visualize Victory as the "Tall Master from Venus" as he is described in the book, Unveiled Mysteries: "...his hair is a glorious pure gold... and his brilliant, piercing, violet-blue eyes were beautiful and fascinating."

Using the mantle of the messenger upon Mark Prophet, this master speaks through him to release his message. Even though you are hearing the voice of the messenger, in reality it is the Ascended Master Victory who is actually speaking through Mark.

Observe How the Master Dictates

At some points, you will hear how Victory accelerates the release and power of light by raising his voice—sometimes quite loudly. This action is a technique that the masters use to reach our souls and wake them up. It tends to shatter our mortal concepts and mental thought patterns.

During this dictation, you are going to receive a dispensation. A dispensation is a gift that the master gives to help us on the path. Be sure to listen for this.

Toward the end of this dictation you will hear the messenger, Mark Prophet, speak in angelic tongues. The masters sometimes use angelic tongues because they are fohatic keys and release a certain energy that can only be released in this manner.

Decree 22.04, The Victory Way of Life

At the conclusion of this dictation you will have an opportunity to give a portion of Decree 22.04 from your "Victory Way of Life" decree booklet. This decree is taken from this very dictation we are about to hear. So you will want to have this decree handy to affirm aloud those important concepts that Victory is talking about in his dictation.

You will find that Victory has a wonderful sense of humor and gives us some very practical teaching on how to deal with adversity and not take ourselves so seriously.

Introduction by Mrs. Prophet

Mrs. Prophet begins with an invocation for spiritual light and then gives a short introduction to this course. She speaks about Victory's dictations and how they are being given for the balancing of the threefold flame within our four lower bodies.

Diagram of Four Lower Bodies

This diagram illustrates how our four lower bodies are in polarity to each other. For example the physical body is in direct polarity to the mental body and the etheric body poles with the emotional body.

The diagram also shows what kind of misqualified energy or substance must be cleared in each body in order to create a chalice for the light of the threefold flame—the flame of power, wisdom, and love—to be anchored there. (This is explained at the beginning of the lecture.)

During Mrs. Prophet's invocation, you will hear her call forth Mighty Victory and other ascended masters and angelic beings and ask them for a specific action of light for the balancing of the threefold flame in our hearts and for the sealing of our four lower bodies. You are welcome to stand to receive the light she calls forth. The dictation by Victory follows a brief teaching at the conclusion of this invocation.

Audio Lecture: "Victory Lecture 1" Part 1, with Dictation by Victory [33:22 minutes]


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