1.4 How to Listen to a Dictation

The following teaching on dictations will help you prepare to listen to a dictation from Mighty Victory given through the messenger Mark L. Prophet.

What Are Dictations

  1. A dictation is a message from an ascended master delivered through an embodied messenger. A messenger is someone who is anointed by hierarchy and trained for several embodiments by the ascended masters in preparation to hold the office of messenger.

  2. Messengers receive a spiritual mantle to assist them to fulfill the duties of their office. A mantle is a cloak of light, a grid or a forcefield of light worn by one who is sponsored by the Great White Brotherhood or by an ascended master. Worn at inner levels, the mantle contains within it specific fohatic keys that are anchored in the wearer’s four lower bodies. These keys are a formula or quality of light—hieroglyphs of the Spirit—cosmic computers in capsule form. They have also been described as geometric hieroglyphs or engrams that are encoded formulas of light. This mantle protects the messenger, as well as assists him or her to fulfill this demanding office.

  3. Mark and Elizabeth Prophet are messengers for the Brotherhood of light, anointed by Saint Germain. They come in the tradition of the Old Testament prophets, empowered by the Holy Spirit to deliver the Lost Teachings of Jesus Christ and give prophetic messages from the ascended masters in the form of dictations.

  4. The messengers are fully conscious when they give a dictation yet they are in an exalted state, one with their Higher Self. Put simply, when a master dictates, he places his presence at the level of the Higher Self of the messenger. The messenger receives the worded message and transfers it to those present.

  5. Dictations do not come from the psychic realm and they are not channeled. Rather they come from the etheric octave, which is the ascended master realm; they are a conveyance of the Holy Spirit. Their purpose is to transfer light and teaching to our souls.

How to Receive a Dictation

Dictations are given by the masters from a high spiritual level. Therefore it is best to listen to them in a meditative mode.

With your eyes closed, sit with your spine erect, your feet flat on the floor and your hands cupped in your lap. An alternative posture is the lotus posture.

To absorb the high etheric vibration and receive the light of the dictation, stay centered in your heart as you listen to it. It is best not take notes during the dictation, especially when you hear it for the first time. Later you can go back to it and take notes on specific parts of the content you'd like to remember.

The Purpose of a Dictation

You will now hear two short audio excerpts from a teaching that Mrs. Prophet gave entitled How to Listen to a Dictation, on April 8, 1978. It is interesting to hear the messenger’s commentary on the way the masters dictate. Each excerpt is just a couple of minutes long.

This first excerpt states the two main purposes of a dictation: (1) to convey an increment of light and energy and (2) to convey information.

Audio Lecture Excerpt: Two Main Purposes of a Dictation [1:49 minutes]

At the beginning of the second excerpt, you will hear Mrs. Prophet mention a dictation. She refers to a dictation by the Ascended Master Kuthumi and explains how the masters come with a purpose for their dictations.

Audio Lecture Excerpt: The Masters' Statement of Purpose in a Dictation [1:23 minutes]

Additional Topics to Consider when Hearing a Dictation

  1. Subject Matter
    • Tone of dictation
    • Manner of delivery
  2. Terminology or concepts expounded upon which offer new insights into their meaning
  3. Significance and timeliness of dispensations
  4. Powerful fiats, mantras and calls
  5. Visualizations and meditations
  6. Admonishments
  7. Vibration and radiation felt
    • Flame
    • Quality
    • Intensity
  8. Dynamics of the release of the spoken Word
    • Powerful to gentle
    • Soft-spoken to powerful
    • Fluctuating
    • Slow to fast delivery
  9. Role of the Master, angel, or cosmic being dictating and how it influences the release (i.e. a mother comforting her children)
    • Father
    • Mother
    • Son
    • Holy Spirit
  10. Overall theme and purpose
    • To bring dispensations, gifts, release of light and radiation
    • To teach and instruct
    • To expose an aspect of darkness
    • To admonish mankind
    • To challenge an aspect of human consciousness
  11. Specific actions taken by the master (i.e. binding of a certain aspect of consciousness, rolling back of spirals of specific forcefields of darkness)
  12. What aspect of the dictation left the greatest impression upon me?
    • Why?
    • What personal need was fulfilled?
  13. Events of the time that influence the release of a dictation (i.e. world crisis, cosmic events, etc.)
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