1.3 Biography of Mighty Victory

Victory Angel

Following is a short biography on Mighty Victory and his legions of victory angels. But before you hear about this cosmic being, we invite you to join in a song written about Victory. This song, "Victory, O Victory," has a simple melody, so if you aren’t familiar with it you will find it quite easy to sing along. As you sing this melody, you are invoking Victory's presence and asking for his momentum of victory to be upon you. (The words to the song follow the audio links below.)

After singing the song, click on the second audio link to hear Mighty Victory's biography.

Audio Song: "Victory, O Victory" [3:26 minutes]

 Audio Lecture: Tani Kingston, "Biography of Mighty Victory" [10:32 minutes]

"Victory, O Victory"

Victory, O Victory
From the mighty Central Sun
Thou celestial Spirit-Son
Victor of the Three-in-One
O to thee we raise our voices.
As all heav’n and earth rejoices
For your vict'ry, Eternal One
Mighty being from out the Sun.

For thy service to the earth
In the ages of the past
Saint Germain did make the call
For all mankind, one and all.
From thy home in lovely Venus
Thou didst hear the call and answer
Now our gratitude we bestow
And all praise from our hearts does flow.

Victory and Lords of Flame
Blest Kumaras in thy name
Help the planet Earth today
To God-vict'ry in the Light.
Blaze your Flames, your mighty power
Lady Venus, bless with beauty
Sacred pattern in man divine
His reality all refine.

Victory, O Victory
Help us keep the flame with thee
Help us glimpse the infinite
And our cosmic future see.
Anchor then thy mighty flame of
Victory within our foreheads
Power universal see
Power universal be.

O beloved Victory
Children of the Sun are we
Yearning now for victory
From all shadow to be free.
We now call for thy momentum
O to be an overcomer
With the Real to identify
Thy invincible honor flame.

I AM Vict'ry, I AM Light
Spark of freedom, truth, and right
I AM action, I AM might
Of Creation's holy Light.
O be still and know your Presence
Focus of the Star within you
Mighty light rays descending pow'r
Mastery for the victor's hour.

God’s my victory, God the Sun
Holy Threefold Flame in One
God's my vict'ry, blessed Son
Plan divine for everyone.
God's your life, your very being
Look! His kingdom is within you
O to him we our praises sing
Heavenward every heartbeat ring.

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