1.2 What Is the Victory Way of Life?

In this unit, you will learn about and experience what it means to live in the "Victory Way of Life." There are many ways to live a victorious life. The following list describes a few.

Having the Right Attitude

This is a big one. According to Victory’s angels, a right attitude is one that is positive, upbeat and joyous. Having the right attitude is a do-it-yourself project. In this unit, you are going to discover keys on how to maintain a joyous attitude. What are some of the obvious things you can do to help keep a joyous attitude? Here are a few:

  1. You can choose to be around people who are positive. Those who see themselves as winners—people with a positive attitude who always see the cup half full rather than half empty—and put an upward spin on things. (Gautama Buddha calls this Right Association.)

  2. You can choose to focus on your victories and not on your defeats. Put emphasis on things you have done well and not on mistakes you may have made. Mistakes will always be with you as long as you are in a physical body and live on planet Earth! Earth is an imperfect octave to live in, unlike the etheric plane where the angels and ascended masters live in a realm of perfection.

  3. You can put little inspiring quotes or notes on your bathroom mirror so that you see them when you go to bed at night and when you get up in the morning.

  4. Keep a victory journal. The ascended masters have always said that if you don’t write down your victories you will tend to forget them when you need to remember them most.

  5. Give I AM Victory affirmations and decrees daily. This unit will teach you how.

  6. Get inspired by finding stories about inspiring people who have met with incredible challenges in their lives and have not accepted defeat but have overcome their adversity and pushed on towards the victory.

  7. Develop a momentum on determination. Never give up and never turn back.
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